last day of lectures

no more lectures for the year!
monday was meant to be the official end, but i have no maths on a monday and my comsci lecturer was like: “hell no! i’m not coming in on monday… its hard enough getting you to come to lectures normally.”


*does a little dance*

ahem… anyway…
i get a newsletter from both the uk nintendo site and the sa nintendo site right…
on the 8th i recieved one from all about nintendogs just been released on the 7th.
today (the 14th) i recieve on from all about… guess what… nintendogs.
they’ve finally started copy-pasting the newsletters and sending them a week later (‘cos it probably takes those geniuses a week to do that).
all they changed is the final little panel about the uk nintendogs bundle for 99 pounds (i’m surprised they even did that much).
ninty sa is terrible.
i’ve tried registering games on their site and nothing works.
you can’t see their flash menus with firefox (i blame firefox for this myself, but hey…).
i’ve emailed their support twice and never had a reply. not even an automated “thanks for your mail” reply.
they’ve recently started a buy online section that’s more expensive than, even after delivery.

talking about nintendogs and take2: my copy has arrived for collection (yay!)
but its unlikely that i’ll get through to it today because i have tuts till 4 and they aren’t open on saturdays (boo!)
but i don’t have varsity on monday so i can get it then (yay!)

today’s “hit the boss-key” pic isn’t that bad:
sponsored by gary begin photography

now for the real bad news:
with exams coming up and me not being at varsity much (i may still pop up every now and then) updates are going to become far less frequent and unpredictable.
not too much i can do about that unless someone wants to sponsor the phonebill *looks hopefully at the working people out there*
oh well..

i discovered, last night, that my world of warcraft character is on the wrong continent to meet up with the rest of them (synk, ork, holey)…
i’m gonna have to start up a new character…
not like thats a major problem at all ^-^
note to self: do not jump into the ocean!

real news: china has two taikonauts up in space.


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