short post

not much happening today.
spent yesterday afternoon playing world of warcraft, yesterday evening eating chippies (mmm… prego sauce) and watching tv with moonflake.
lectures are almost over for the year and i only had comsci this morning so i’m going to be going home soon (can you guess what i’ll be doing before roleplaying?)

today’s “where’s the boss?” picture:
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you’ll notice how i move the pic around so you never know where it’ll pop up, just for that added suspence and excitement.

roleplaying tonight should rock!
we gots trouble heading our way and we’re gonna need to open up a can ‘o whoopass on it before running away like little girls!
i hope our druid can handle a demon on his own…
(and i hope that damn stone is where we think it is)

i’m sure i was going to complain about something, but i can’t remember what it was that i was gonna complain about… oh well ^-^ couldn’t have been that important then.


4 Responses to short post

  1. dystopia says:

    as a hint for your where’s the boss pics, david seawards sister is currently in the running for miss sa. it would probably scar him, but it would be of benefit to some of your audience. as a side note, the boss is in the us, as you probably know. so no issue at openbox, for the moment :}.

    you need to smack your players around a bit. i find a firm hand every now and then helps the roleplaying, just don’t be too aggressive and they will apreciate it.

    w-v: xtra large. grande xtra large. frikkin queer

  2. totalwaste says:

    i see that w-v and am proud. very proud. i hope you went out and got one.

    w-v: Infinitely Dastardly Zigzag Hardly Highlights Impressive Card Trick

  3. zenstar says:

    the “wheres the boss” pics are generally to keep schpat on his toes ^-^
    as for slapping the players around: i don’t really mind. we’ll get round to finishing the game when we get round to it. we have fun either way.

    wv: now i understand urinanting orange beer

  4. Synkronos says:

    Haha, I wouldn’t mind some pics of d@vid’s sis ;)


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