undead war ends, undead go to war… is it true love?

my affair is over. darkthrone offically bores me now.
like young puppy-love i was lured to her by the potential and the possibilities, and quickly i was playing with her and discovering new things, but just as quickly i found myself going through the motions waiting for that promised jewel of excitement. merely clicking her buttons until the time seemed right and i was allowed to attack, which led to a brief high of elation, but all to soon i realised that that was all she was to me: a brief high that couldn’t hide all the wasted clicking. in the end i wasn’t sure i could stand clicking her anymore, and i can always find another who’ll let me attack things… in fact i think i’ve just been seduced by a far sexier world of warcraft.
basically there are 2 ways of playing darkthrone: turtling and all-out offence.
there is no inbetween.
there is no personalization.
either you never attack and shove everything into defence and money (the defence is there to protect the money, the money is there to pump the defence),
or you get your money by trying to crack the turtles and steal all you can. all this money has to be pushed into bigger and bigger armies so that you can crack bigger turtles for more reward… anything in defence is wasted as you can’t defend against another all-outer unless you turtle and turtle don’t attack.
basically its lost all its charms. my army seems generic. i may as well have selected a radio button during sign-in that allowed turtling town or offensive army, and then i could just log in once a day and see what has been automatically worked out for me… it would save me having to click so much.

on the other side of the coin: world of warcraft is seriously addictive in spite of the buggy server.
i recently learnt (as an undead warlock) tailoring. mug a few mindless zombies and scarlette initiates for linen… combine for bolts of linen… combine with coarse thread for cloth robe :)
i now wear a little robe thingy just ‘cos my character made it. its lower armour (slightly) than something else i could wear, but its his.
i think i’ll learn enchanting as my second proficiency.
i still come across the odd server problem, eg: i can’t seem to teach my imp a spell he should be able to learn, but it only detracts minorly.
(btw: synk… go search the net for updates please…)
in fact now that lectures are over i think i’ll be going home soon to play a little more.
when nintendogs arrives i’ll have to carefully plan my time… ^-^*

talking about varsity: got my maths marks back for the last tests…
introductory algebra: 65%
fourier methods: 73%
not too bad… much better than the first test results and balancing my year mark nicely. also makes me feel a little more confident about the exams.

the game last night started, was interrupted by various things (including an unneccisary lecture on how tax works… we all understood, we just couldn’t convey that we understood…) and then yanke had to go do some varsity work so it ended and was replaced by texas holdem poker again.
the first round was a waste of R5 as someone *glare* insisted on upping the blind ever 15 mins and i was bled out by the increasing stakes without actually playing (properly) more than 1 hand… and i wasn’t betting loosely. Synk took that round.
the second round was better but synk and james sucked all the luck off the table leaving the rest of us watching pennyless. james eventually took it, but by that time i think people were willing to bet it all just to finish. it was 1:30 and synk had already made his buyin back (james needed to buy back in early on).
if we play again i suggest an end time at which point we cash in the chips and call it before we get too tired and uncaring.
i actually did some planing for the kult game and have some exciting twists and turns to play out… maybe we’ll get to them one day. at least it saves me having to plan next week.

today’s “see if someone is watching over schpat’s shoulder” picture:
sponsored by: fayreform
(not the best link i’ve provided… but world of warcraft calls)
finding good pics here is actually quite hard. i wonder if people look over my shoulder in the labs and think “echii!”
*shrugs* whatever… i know synk appreciates the links ^-^


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  1. moonflake says:

    hey, i actually hung in there for that second game for quite a while!

    Man, we seriously have to roleplay next week! Self discipline! Arg!

    I will try really hard not to bring up out of character topics. I promise :)

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