whoops, undead

keeping with the peek-a-boo at work situation (especially for schpat) today’s random, slightly non-worksafe (if you’re corp.) picture:

(sponsored by bullz-eye.com’s gstring gallery)

forgot to set my alarm last night so i woke up this morning as my first lecture started.
discovered that after the 9am rush the jammie shuttles get pretty laid back with people in the line just kinda lounging back waiting for the next bus to amble its way to the pickup point.
of course after 9 they drop you on the wrong side of campus (like the wrong side of the tracks only not as good): the social science side!
had to push my way through all the artsy riffraff (i was tempted to randomly hit a couple of the ones that looked like art student… i still hold a grudge about that shitty art film before sin city) to get to the real side of campus where real sciences are taught.
(socsci is not a science dammit! quit fooling yourselves).
on the walk up to the shuttles, at the subway at the train station, some mad dude was screaming away in some unidentifiable indigenous language. he seemed to be directing most of his energy on the people who were walking a few meters in front of me, but still followed me through the subway.
luckily i had korn blasting through my headphones so i didn’t have to deal with his shouting, but my adrenalin levels were getting ready for trouble.
thankfully there was none. i conclude that mad homeless people must sleep until about 9 except on garbage day.

managed to get the wow server working on my machine and spent some time playing an undead warlock with a panda cub as a pet. lots of fun except when the scarlette initiates gang up on you.
(yes: the undead have some quests that are very similar to some human starting quests).
probably gonna play a little more of that when i get home today, before the kult game starts.

ah yes: tonight is my kult game :)
maybe we’ll get a little gaming in this time, if everyone makes it.
the summoning has yet to happen…

in gaming news:
some fuckwit has gone and created a virus that turns your nintendo ds into a brick. a similar thing was developed for the psp. technically they are trojans, not viruses, but the outcome is the same: dead system!
the guy that made the ds trojan claims he dislikes people using illegal roms and that’s why he did it, to help the legal homebrew scene. he claims it is called r0mloader.zip so only illegal users will get it.
problems with that fuckhead’s statements:
it was actually released as taihen.zip and claimed to be a hentai images rom (not illegal at all… just echii)
other people now have access to it and can strap it to whatever they want.
people are now scared away from the homebrew market because they don’t want to take the chance of getting it.
well done fuckhead. you just stabbed your precious community in the balls and left behind a virus (trojan).

on the plus side:
ds central has a review about trauma center: under the knife. they gave it 4/5 stars and seemed to like it muchly.
i’ll be keeping my eye out for that one.


3 Responses to whoops, undead

  1. schpat says:

    What summoning? I thought they were trying to open a portal!

  2. Synkronos says:

    Yar. I guess someone was being disruptive last game rather than paying attention.

  3. moonflake says:

    stabbed in the balls!! yeah, that’s a new place. how’d you like that?

    Oh, yeah, and what summoning? Guess I wasn’t paying attention either. Or maybe it’s been so long since we played i can’t remember what the hell’s going on. Oh, except that patrick and yancke are in bad shape.

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