elves and essays

comsci have done it again!
they posted on our forums saying the essay should be submitted electronically.
the essay was due today at 9am, so i submitted it last night. plenty of time.
of course i arrive today to discover that on friday, at about 10:40, there was a post saying all essays to be printed and submitted.
i check the forum after my lecture which ends at 10:00am. if there is nothing new then, then i log off. if the post after 10:00am (say, 10:40am) then i don’t see it until the next weekday. so when do they post imortant announcements?
at the last fucking minute!
so i had to run around this morning printing out my backup copy and handing it in, late of course… fuckers!
luckily i emailed myself a copy as backup, expecting the dept to ne a bunch of assmonkeys that i expect them to be.
i was going to blog today about how i finished the essay last week wednesday and how, for once, i actually didn’t spend the last second sorting it out (not that it improved the calibre of the essay), but thanks to the fuckwits in admin i can’t!
at least i got 78/100 for the final demo of my project (that only took them forever to mark), now all i need is the software engeneering mark for the project (which means that i still don’t have the project mark back, and varsity ends in a week).

at least the weekend was a good one.
moonflake was still feeling under the weather on friday night so we didn’t go with the group to watch sin city. we had a peaceful night at home in front of the tv instead.
saturday morning saw me heading off to ork_khrist’s place where synk, holeycrusader, ork, and myself sat down to a day of world of warcraft.
we had the lan server (a little buggy) and we took a group of nightelves from 1st level to 6th level, had a break for a while while synk fought with the tv, then started a new group of humans and took them all the way to 8th level (well… almost: i was 80 xp away before they forced me to log off… 80, thats all…).
it was awsome.
there was much fun had by all especially when we discovered that you could strip your characters down to their underwear and make them dance (we were all playing female characters). ^-^*
sunday morning at 03h00: arrive home and sleep.
sunday morning, sometime later: moonflake and i went to go see sin city at canal walk. it was fantastic. moody with great visuals and great stories. i loved the style and just the whole thing was really slick and well polished. i suggest watching it if you haven’t yet.
unfortunately there was some crap on before the film started: a 5-10 minute art film by some wits art student (who i would like to punch in the face) about baby rape in the townships, using all sorts of symbols and crappy, artsy-fartsy film technique to produce a load of stinking, slushy, boring shit!
it was horrendously bad. i think a 5 year old retard would have come up with better images than this wits “supergenious.” *picks up sarcasm that has dripped off and replaces it back on top*
man that “art” *watches the word quiver in fear after being referred to in that tone* film sucked so much ass that it could have cleaned the bowels of the entire poulation of china… maybe that’s where it got its imagry from!
the rest of the sunday was spent lazing at moonflake’s mom’s place and being fed good food!

last little news thingie: world of warcraft has a boardgame *gasp in surprise at the marketing machine in action*. find it here. i think the rules are available there too. looks like it uses cards and pieces and stuff.

and thats about all i have to report at the moment…
still waiting for nintendogs to arrive for pick-up…


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