spies like flies and dead plans

i would not want to be a spy in my employ!!!
whenever i choose a darkthrone victim to attack i send in spies first… but to check the spy defence i send a lone spy to have a look around before the 5th column move in.
i have lost more spies that way!
on the plus side i’ve almost doubled my offensive power in just 1 day :)
the more offensive power the bigger the turtle i can crack…
the bigger the turtle the bigger the goldpile…
the more gold the more equipment for my army…
the more equipment the higher the offensive power…
repeat :)

roleplaying last night was haywire!
the plan… the plan.. the poor, poor, dead plan.
after finally deciding on a possible plan we got ready to execute it and then promptly threw it to the wind and ran around like crazy attacking left, right, and center…
luckily we’re able to handle a fair amount of rough and tumble, even when confronted by a giant pair of pants…
in fact we function quite well without one of our members completely…
*looks at a certain player who was looting dead bodies throughout the entire combat even though he knew there was fighting happening right outside the door of the room he was in*
things are gonna get crazy next session (more crazy) as we have a demon coming down the stairs that have 1 party member gaurding it, we have a small army preparing to storm up some stairs with 2 partymembers guarding that, and we have exploding traps guarding what we hope is our prize which is hidden behind closed (trapped) doors… and then we need to escape!
at least we succeeded in the assassination… well it was more assault than assassination, but the end result is the same: his head in a pillowcase in my backpack :P

there may be some sin city watching happening tonight… i can’t wait to see that film!

not much happening on the gaming front again (in fact almost all the news sites i read were stagnating with yesterday’s stale news…) but expect things to start heating up soon.
moonflake ordered nintendogs for me today ^-^
(memo to self: pay the R25 outstanding to moonflake)
hopefully it’ll be ready to collect from take2 soon.
thank you moonflake *kiss*

and thats about it for today… gotta go to a double maths tut now
~_~ zzzz


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