wolt ihr das volkswagen in flammen sehen?

since one of my players couldn’t make the game last night, and another was unsure about making it, we ended up not roleplaying (surprise! ^-^).
schpat brought us his delicious meats covered with a spicy cheesy goodness.
(translation: steak + mustard cheese sauce = good)
and we sat around talking shit for a while before spontaneously breaking out into a R5 buy-in game of texas hold ’em.
we finished after 12…
(well.. i lost everything long before then)
it ended with mad-krazy blind doubling that basically led to the final 2 players (moonflake and synk) playing pure random games with no betting, trying to win 2 in a row (duece, advantage, duece, advantage, win)…
synk is luckier than a rabbit… and the rabbit has built in lucky charms.
there was much smacktalk going on down the river.
strangely enough, the person who wanted to play for cash the least walked away with all the money (and i know that, depending on your philisophical approach, the ends does not justify the means… always… but it makes for a more ironic ending in the retelling).

darkthrone update: i got attacked a couple more times… hardly lost any gold. the revenge attacks i made got me back more gold than i lost ^-^
my army is growing strong… now i need money to equip them all.

i arrived at varsity today to be confronted with the burning wreck of a beetle… not a 6 legged insect (firebug) but rather a volkswagen that had obviously been strained too much on the uphill and decided to combust a little more than an engine should.
sucks for whoever owns the car… amusing for everyone else.

well i must be off to do that stupid comsci essay before friday… and since there’s roleplaying tomorrow (and i may need to supervise burglar bar quoting) i’d better do most of it today.
stupid comsci dept. this is obviously a “we need another mark for the students… ummm… quick, think of a tut for them.” tut.
not well thought out with shitty subject and no response to questions from students.
well at least i passed the comsci tests that i recently wrote.

anyway: toodles!


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  1. schpat says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. schpat says:

    Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!

  3. Synkronos says:

    wtf? Was that another post that Garrick though better of and deleted?

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