citizens flock to undead-topia

the day after i complain about the stranglehold on citizens in darkthrone, they give me 200 citizens. maybe someone there reads my blog?
i think all players with “zen” in their name should receive massive amounts of gold, prizes, and bonuses to offence and defence…
*looks around hopefully*
ayway… babyacid and i are rampaging around pillaging gold. we have yet to work on a coordinated attack… but then no-one has really bothered us.
babyacid has only ever been attacked by me.
i’ve only been attacked by 2 other people.
one guy attacked me 4 times and got bounced by my defences 4 times (all last night). so i log on this morning, find 200 spare citizens and double my army size before turning around and attacking him 4 times… plundering all his gold and trashing large chunks of his fortification. my offence (much) greater than his defence…
(he was attacking from 3 levels below me too…)
oh well…

not much happening in gaming news as usual… basically we’re in the pre-christmas news slump. stuff is still being released, but all the hype and whatnot is being stored up for convincing people to buy christmas presents.

i managed to play with a psp the other day. incredible infection in cavandish square has one on display in a stupid plastic bubble thing that makes it really hard to hold the psp. this means i’m not 100% sure about its design as the shoulder buttons could be hard to get to, or just hard to get to because of the way i was forced to hold it (stupid bubble).
it sure does look and sound pretty. the screen is large and clear and the graphics are good. they had some stupid racing game on it and after the second corner i had managed to spin the car and was facing the wrong way (after getting in first). i couldn’t figure out how to reverse to turn around and some moron, ai driver decided to park in front of me so i couldn’t just swing around forward… leaving me in 2nd last place in about 5 seconds (last being the moron ai… technically i was still in front)…
stupid racing games. personally i think they are the worst type of game to show off a system. people either love ’em or hate ’em and they aren’t gonna win any fans over from the hate ’em side.
overall i’d say: if you want it and can afford it and its games then get it.
games are expensive, costing R389.99 – R400+ in spite of the lies that claimed games would be R359.99. yes look and listen… i’m looking at you, and listening for a response!
better yet: win one with some games. ^_^

roleplaying tonight: my kult game.
after a 2 week break (stupid tests) we should be back into the swing of things… that means my players will pitch up and we probably won’t get more than 10 minutes of roleplaying in… but as long as we have fun.

not much else going on today…
ooh.. lemme quickly check the real world news:
3 possible leads to interesting stories…
the new planet/thing they discovered has a moon… not that interesting.
then slashdot had a couple of interesting sounding things:
“collecting your life on usb” (ooh) turned out to be about storing your info and id on usb in case you need to evacuate… blegh… was more a question on security than an article about anything.
and slashdot’s other failure: korea has english teaching robots (so some dude claims) that can read stories and correct pronunciation… except the guy who put this up claims the host redirected his link to porn so he took the link down. this means that his rather short description is totally unverified and unverifiable. there was some other link to a korean site but i don’t read korean (and it wasn’t about the article anyway).
so no real news then either!

and today’s link:
abandonia… home of some really great old dos games :)
go check em out.
i’m gonna go home and eat / relax before roleplaying tonight!


4 Responses to citizens flock to undead-topia

  1. totalwaste says:

    all i want is to play jazz jackrabbit, and it just WON’T run on w2k. same thing with the ORIGINAL syndicate.

    evil bastards. this is more reason to hate m$ than anything else they’ve done.

    w-v: Great Almighty Lord You Quote Hates Blondes (‘cuz they have more fun, of course)

    (the fonts are so tricky *I’M* gonna start failing the verification)

  2. Synkronos says:

    They really should make virtual machine a standard part of windows. Would obviate the need for dual-booting for legacy games.

    And, uh, I have failed a word verification or two. Mostly on the letters that look just about the same anyway. And bold is a bit of a bitch.

  3. totalwaste says:

    i’m in love with dosbox. why didn’t i know about this before?

    w-v: Gynaecologist Consortium Yanks Ending Arguments

  4. zenstar says:

    yeah… dosbox is pretty cool, but it’s slow unless you run it on a beast.
    usually i get stuff going in the dos vm with a vm soundblaster emulator.

    wv: tiny racing ants attract countless, crazy, rampaging rats

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