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a rather relaxed weekend…
friday: supper at magica roma – linguini cabonara = good.
saturday: short excursion to pinelands club followed by lazing in front of tv = good.
sunday: excursion to pinelands to pick up R50 spur voucher that i won on saturday. then moonflake’s mom’s for the evening including brazilian pork (how about brazilian? see picture: microkitten brazilian bikinis) with roast veg and a cheesy kinda sauce with bacon and mushrooms = good.

the magic box has some more pics for biohazard: deadly silence
(ie: the resident evil remake for the ds). it looks like its shaping up nicely.

as for dark throne: i’d better start getting a heap of citizens soon otherwise it’s going to get real boring. basically i’m outstripping myself attacking people for gold. what ends up happening is my level goes through the roof and i don’t have an army to really support my level. and there is no way of “buying” citizens. basically my strategy of “be aggressive and steal all the money i need from those poncey elves” doesn’t work because an aggressive strategy does not work because you can’t get citizens.
the only possibility to help encompass this strategy is this: attack like crazy… boost your level hugely so that you can get the level and gold requirement for the next fortification level… upgrade fortification and buy all the housing that that makes available… repeat until you find no-one left that you can attack without suiciding… wait for the housing to produce citizens to add to your army to raise offence power enough to attack again.
unfortunately it ain’t that easy, especially since it seems to be a requirement for people to “turtle” on this damn game, so i run into level 2 people (when i’m level 8) with populations in the thousands and armies to match (all defence of course).
the problem is the rate you get citizens. you can’t buy ’em so you have to rely the usual way which is: 1 citizen per house per day… 5 houses per fortification level… you need level 7 for 2nd upgrade (allowing 15 houses), need level 11 for 3rd upgrade (allowing 20 houses), and so on…
that’s just too damn slow to work for anything but turtling.
there is also a “public recruiter” that you can click 350 times a day. each click gives someone random a citizen and you get a credit so that at some point someone can give you one… except i havent received any yet in spite of the +/- 1000 credits.
like i said: i’ll probably get bored with it very quickly. i haven’t quite gotten there yet, but it doesn’t seem to be far off…

other than that: nothing interesting is really happening today.
ethics is done (for a week) in comsci and we’re back to architecture with the funny irish lecturer.
since that was my only lecture today i’m probably gonna go home soon. i need to do some washing up today (or buy all new plates… but thats too expensive).


3 Responses to some title here

  1. moonflake says:

    i *wish* we could just buy all new stuff instead of washing up. that would be great :)

  2. totalwaste says:

    seriously dude. picking up your S/O’s mom is not cool. even if it DOES involve brazilian pork.

    w-v: Has Nobody Questioned Erudite Danish Uglies?

  3. moonflake says:

    haha! silly tw. I was there too so it’s okay.–>

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