the assault continues…

i took a short “time out” from elfbashing to teach babyacid not to complain about undead assassins on dark throne. a quick plundering of gold later and we’re currently in alliance negotiations (“NO ELVES ALLOWED!”).

today being a long varsity day, not much has been happening other than lectures. not even my usual news sites have anything interesting to say…

metroid pinball will be coming out for the nintendo ds sometime soon… its going to ship with a gba sized cartridge that is actually a rumble pak, so you put in the usual ds-sized cartridge and the rumble pak. graphics look quite nice…

roleplaying last night was fun… we’re sneaking into an enemy keep, in an enemy city, for some devils!
well at least the devils’ll keep the demons busy once we get in. we also have to pull off an assassination while securing a little magic item to stop more demons being summoned. *sigh* war is hell… literally!
we hear rumours of a merric, the generic cleric, being around (our name for him)… he’s not really that generic and more “evil as a bastard” as far as we can tell.
well we’ve made it into the city, now we need to breach the keep walls without getting breached by their defences.

thats pretty much all i have to report today… go read something interesting now!


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