the undead walk… and attack

i’ve tried dark throne now and can say it is entertaining.
i don’t know how long it’s going to hold my attention (probably not long knowing my attention span…) but for now i’m having fun building up a little army and attacking people who have no army (spies are useful).
basically its your standard empire builder with resource management. you get untrained citizens which you train to be miners / soldiers / guards / spies etc…
and you need to do things like upgrade fortifications and but weapons for your army, all of which costs cash…
i’m of the opinion that other people have my cash, so i send my army out to collect it for me.
i’m playing an undead assassin (there are 4 races and 4 classes).
my army is reletively small (especially compared to the people of the same level) but is decently equipped (i’ve only been playing for 2 days now… population is still ds central has a few pictures of the upcoming pokemon: mysterious dungeon.
basically there’s going to be 2 versions of the game… one on gba and one on ds with some for of connectivity between the two (probably both carts in the ds).
the story revolves around a human who has been turned into a pokemon. you will turn into different pokemon throughout the course of the game.
basic gamplay: enter a randomly generated dungeon and partake in search-and-rescue missions while battling in the classic pokemon style along the way.

hmm… seems blogspot is having problems with uploading pictures today so picture this: the image of a knight with glowy green eyes in the top left corner of this post… and a screenshot of pokemon: mysterious dungeons next to the paragraph about the game of the same name (my brother from another mother).

and that’s pretty much it for my day…
i’m going home to relax / play advance wars 2 / watch tv.
roleplaying tonight should be the start of an interesting adventure…


3 Responses to the undead walk… and attack

  1. GoldenAngel says:

    Darkthrone is awsome, been playing for 6 months I think *goes to check* nope 4 months. I dont join alliances because I was attacked a lot more when I was in alliances then I am now. Presently building up massive deffences so I can level up again without having my ass kicked by every one in 5 lvls of me. I got bored when the Alliance wars started but found that I enjoyed the game again when I left the alliances.

  2. babyacid says:

    What is it with claw members and undead assassins?

    Go forth my goblin legions!

  3. zenstar says:

    i was going to go the goblin route… but i switched to undead at the last minute (i like the idea of raising citizens).
    i was going to go thief route… but i took assassin at the last minute: gold is always useful.
    basically: i didn’t want to be an elf (or i’d have to attack myself), and to be honest: class and race don’t really make much of a difference.

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