*blink* *blink*

i am so tired…
finally written my last test (for now) this morning…
last night’s math test went ok… i don’t think i did as well as i was hoping to do, but i think i did ok.
this morning’s comsci test (nice scheduling assmonkeys) went ok. i totally did zero studying but still managed to muddle through alright.
but all this shit has left me real tired.
i need sleep… maybe i’ll go home and nap!
…and get back to some advance wars 2.

oh: and the fuckers in the comsci dept have given us something more to do. the day we hand in the hci project they put up an essay topic on our forums. its a pants essay on computing as a profession that compares the cssa (com soc south africa) and the bsc (british soc of computing)… and its due for next friday. at least that’s a week away (like anyone is going to do anything this week, esp after the week most of us have just had…).

found a cool link on the nintendo ds forum i read: a free and legal roms site… they don’t do any commercial roms but still have a fair load of stuff (including games and demos and whatnot) on a variety of platforms…
go check ’em out at www.pdroms.de.
also: ubisoft have a couple of cute little things for free download (some minigames and wallpapers and things) oer at their website.
look in the downloads / goodies section.

anyone looking for a nice avatar (especially if you like anime and animated gifs) try anime-kun. look at the gifs animes. lots and lots of stuff.
(btw: the site is french but easily navigable / understandable).

nintendo ds news for people in south africa:
take2.co.za has released advance wars: dual strike, castlevania dawn of sorrow, and meteos for order (each at R360). stock should be arriving very soon.
i’m still waiting for nintendogs to be released (expected: 7th oct)… ork-khrist still owes me some cash which will go towards getting one of these games (still undecided which one, but i’m leaning towards nintendogs first).
btw: they also have shaun of the dead (dvd) for only R93.

oprah was super-ultra-hyper-rude-X last night on her show.
she was doing some around the world thing with women from all over the world doing little bits on her show and she had some icelandic women there. firstly she tells her her shark is rotten (the food she brought) and then phones up their prime minister’s office (thankfully he wasn’t in) and proceeds to put on a stupid icelandic-ish accent and patronise the poor guy that answered and tell him that he must tell the pm that next time she’s there she’ll see him for shots and lamb testicles (they like their drink in iceland and lamb testicles is one of their food things).
he was probably thinking: “goddamn drunken yanks got hold of an icelandic phonebook again… if i catch you you’ll have more than lamb testicles to deal with!” (only in icelandish… ^-^’ ).

*sigh* anyway… that’s about it for today… go away now.


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  1. moonflake says:

    not that i’m defending her, but on a point of accuracy the shark meat is rotten. that’s the whole point of the dish, or it would just be, well, shark meat. And that’s not particular to iceland.

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