weekend of the dead and killer dolphins

land of the dead rocked!
friday was a fun night of being dressed up like a zombie, wandering the mall, watching a cool movie, and having a fun afterparty.
thanks nu-metro in canal walk…
thanks antonio at the one ring in observatory…
thanks schpat…
i even got a vote (just 1) for best dressed zombie. i guess all the hard work paid off… i don’t mean hard work on the zombie costume (i did hardly any work on that), i mean all the hard work i did at varsity: left me in a zombie like state, i just added fake blood…
well done yanke, schpat, and moonflake (the top 3 zombies).

this must be a plot for a b-grade scifi movie…
the observer is reporting that hurricane katrina has released military trained dolphins into the gulf of mexico. 36 dolphins “armed” with toxic dartguns are roaming the free waters.
these dolphins have had training in attack-and-kill missions since the cold war.
there is concern that the dolphins may mistake people in wetsuits as possible targets and dart them…
the darts are designed to put people to sleep for later interogation, not so much fun in the water.

oh.. i should have been a little clearer on fridays post: it was national dog week in america… if you didn’t follow any links you wouldn’t have spotted that ^-^’

quick gaming news:
gta: liberty city stories for the psp is shaping up nicely and is expected to be done by the end of october (probably american release date). the price seeems to be about normal for current psp games ($50 means sold here for R350 – R400). go view some more pics at the magic box.

and finally the lazy weekend report:
saturday was relaxed. got up extra late, lazed around the house, watched lemony snicket’s series of unfortunate events, ate some food… and that’s about it. the movie was cool… the clothes were awsome.
schpat and james came round for the meeting we (project partner and i) were meant to hold, but my project partner was running late and the whole thing got postponed. schpat had managed to poison himself since yesterday (either from eating the fake blood, or getting a dodgy burger from mcdonalds).
sunday: got up a little late. my project partner came round and we held the meeting that we needed to hold and i handed over my section of the work which i’d done so that he could finish it off for tuesday’s handin. (i get to study for a maths test so i can’t do much more on it now…).
thanks james and moonflake for your help. thanks schpat for trying… get well soon.

anyway: i’m off to d/l solutions to tuts so that i can go study maths… cya

*edit*: wow i had problems putting the pic into this post… blogger was uploading them but not generating the html and addding it into the post so i had to open previous posts and figure out how to link them (where to link them) and do it all manually… *blegh*


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