national dog week and answers

well it seems that national dog week is about to end (sept 18 – 24) but since i think its national, not international, i’m not too surprised i didn’t hear about before now.
looks like nintendo are doing their bit for the pups as nintendo insider reports here.
inspired by nintendogs’ fashion, the aspca (american society for prevention of cruelty to animals) is holding a doggy fashion show, supported by nintendo.
there will be a grass-covered catwalk (dogwalk?) and dogs strutting their fashionable stuff, looking for adoption.
owners can get caricatures of themselves and their dogs, all sorts of spot prizes (nintendo DSs, nintendog games, etc…) and there are interactive nintendogs stations.
Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto (*bows down to the great miyamoto*) will be attending. some of you may recognise the name as the man behind such small titles as: mario bros., donkey kong, and the legend of zelda.
its happening this saturday (sept 24th) in new york, so any american readers out there (like i have international readership.. yeah right!) go have a look and have some fun. all the contact stuff is available at the bottom of the article.

oh! also, if you have a little spare money, there are some other victims of hurricane katrina to think about: the pets! go to the aspca website and donate… they need all the help they can get (or click the pic below to go straight to the donation page). they’re helping out all that they can. *takes metephorical hat off to the aspca*

now to answer a few comments from yesterday:
fourier methods vs fourier analysis…
they are fairly similar except the fourier methods we are doing (mam200) is a little less detailed than a full engineering fourier methods… its kinda the detailed introduction into the subject.
as for the gaming news comment: i must ammend that i generally don’t keep up to date on the pc gaming world. basically i look at the nintendo stuff (‘cos i have a ds) and get the console news that lurks around the handheld news. i occasionally keep an eye on the psp (‘cos i’d like to see how well its doing and its an interesting new foray into the market for sony) but my pc news is restricted to getting nag magazine every month.
as for fable: it was out on console ages ago (if i remember correctly) and was a bit of a dissapointment (overhyped), but they did do extra work into the pc version before releasing it so it may be a lot better now (on pc).

as for my life news (you’re gagging to hear it, i know):
the test last night went surprisingly well.
spent most of yesterday studying in the library for it with a classmate and we managed to swot up on the necessary stuff. i did some informed guessing for a question or two, and turned out (post-test discussion with the brain of the class) to be correct. ^-^
i estimate a 65%.

zombies tonight *YAY*
land of the dead and wandering around malls in full zombie costume… yeah.
its gonna be great. try make the canal walk 8’o clock show and join us for the movie and afterparty at the one ring.
check schpat’s blog for details.

roleplaying last night led us to an interesting junction. we are currently fighting a war against an army that’s supported by demons. we recently had a proposal of help from a devil. devils hate demons (mutual feelings). this could turn out good… or bad…

and thats about it for today… got projects to do over the weekend, and test to study for on tuesday and wednesday, but after that life should slow down for a short time, so i’m holding on till then.


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