avatar wanted… must do windows

got a day of studying and test writing ahead of me now…
turns out this test will be 45 minutes long (just like the previous fourier methods test).
now the major problem people had with the last test was the time. 4 questions in 45 mins was too much in too short a span. but some fuckers got 100% (fuckers!) so his response was: “some people,” i guess 2 people, “got 100% last time so there is obviously plenty of time.”
but he has also previously mentioned how badly everyone did overall in the last test… wtf?
one or the other mudderfugger! you can’t have your cake and eat it, unless you want partially digested mush-cake.
this is why he doesn’t supply notes anymore… he thinks people did badly because they aren’t coming to lectures… i’ve missed 1 lecture… i did badly in the first test.
maybe its because you’re a crap lecturer?
maybe if we had notes we’d be able to study something concrete and not simply confuse ourselves over the random examples which we take down from your lectures (which need correcting because you often make mistakes!)

and other text books don’t really help too much because he’s steering the course between fourier analysis and fourier methods and some internal malfunction that is his alone. this means all textbooks don’t aproach the suject from the proper direction or cover everything we do, while overdoing stuff we don’t need.
oh, btw: tonight’s game will have to start a little late (people who play in the game: you know who you are) due to arse fourier test!

i’m currently hunting for a decent avatar for my profile… its difficult finding the right one (well.. it is for me) so the little soldier dude (advance wars: green earth infantry) will have to do until i find something else.
i have found a bunch of animated gifs though… so today’s post is littered with the occasional one.

advance wars by web is still down :(
they’re having problems with databases being moved and not everything migrating with them. this leads to lotsa screwups.
hopefully they’ll be back soon.

there seems to be a slump in the gaming industry at the moment. news is scarce, but there are a bunch of games about to be released here so i’m happy.
of course i have precious little time to play anything right now, but in a weeks time i should be free and clear for a while (until exams arrive).
as for news in the real world: nothing interesting catches my eye.
saw something about “ants using herbicides in their gardens” but i’ve read about that ages ago (years) so its nothing new, unless they’ve discovered something new (how’s that for a statement?). either way it doesn’t intrest me enough to afford the click.

so thats about it today then…
need to go off and do some studying (i am so sick of studying) and maybe have a smoke and a bite to eat.
at least there’ll be zombies tomorrow. that should give me enough energy to do the hci project on saturday (i’m sick of comsci projects now too).


3 Responses to avatar wanted… must do windows

  1. Synkronos says:

    What’s the difference between Fourier Methods and Fourier Analysis? Fourier Analysis was easily the hardest course I have ever done in my life, far far far outstripping Maths 2 (both of which I, coincidentally or not, failed).

    Er… so what time can we rock up at your place? I was hoping to get a little time before we started to finish up my various wildshape character sheets, since I’ve been a little too busy to actually finish them up by myself.

  2. totalwaste says:

    and on a completely note – apparently all is not dry on the gaming front. i’ve been hearing amazing things about a game called “FABLE”, may be worth checking it out. i heard from someone who’d downloaded it, so it’s defs available.

    w-v: Zorro Razes Zorro Right On Determined Thief
    (i have no idea. what would YOU do with those letters?!)

  3. totalwaste says:

    i left out the word “different”. for that i have to pay with another w-v.

    w-v: Golden Empires Swag Winds Down

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