blegh… projects tests and stupidity

so i managed to catch cook (project supervisor) and ask him if we could do the projects alone…
“yes,” he says “but you’ll get half the marks.”
proving that university is the only place where doing more work results in less marks. if this were business you would complete a 2 man project alone and your boss would be like: “wow! you roxxor!” *hands over at least 100% of salary… possible bonus*
uct analogy: “…” (doesn’t talk to lowly students) *stabs you in face and gives you 0%*
cook goes on to tell me that if i looked at the marking guide there are marks going for team work… i had previously checked this, and subsequently rechecked. he’s wrong. nowhere does it say that a second comsci student is required or that there are any marks for having more than 1 comsci student involved. the only “team” bit that is mentioned is a bit about requiring 2-3 non-comsci students to help.
he also asks why i can’t do it with the same partner i had for the previous project… i inform him that there isn’t a problem with the person, its a problem with the fact that i have two comsci tests and two maths tests all over the same period and it will be difficult to schedule all the time required.
his response: “you’ll just have to go home and organise your time.”
well fuck you very much!
your department set those 2 computer tests… you should be talking to maths dept about their tests as maths is a co-requisite to comsci, but you don’t have the empathy of a brick. if you pushed the project back by a week or two then there would be no problems what-so-ever, but you don’t care because you don’t actually have to do the project.
ass monkey!
as it turns out i got the same partner, but we have completely differing timetables due to the two comsci tests and two maths tests and so meeting times are going to be an extreme asspain.
maybe i’ll hand in a box of liquid shit with a small charge that disperses it when the box is opened.

anyway… i found a cool art/comic site thingie… lots of cool pics.
warning to work people: there are exactly 4 visible nipples, but its art (ie drawings) amongst the artwork… but you can scroll past pretty quick.

advance wars by web seemed to be screwing up for me today so i couldn’t do my turns :(

not much else to say at the mo…
got maths lectures followed by a short trip home to eat and grab c++ notes, folloed by trip back to varsity to write stupid comsci prac test, followed by meeting with moonflake and schpat to try start hashing this project out (partner couldn’t make it tonight… he’s tutoring from 19:00 till 21:00).


6 Responses to blegh… projects tests and stupidity

  1. Synkronos says:

    Cook is the biggest fucking wanker on campus. He does give a fuck, and he really really deserves to be stabbed in the face. On top of that, he hits on female students all the time. Yeah, so don’t expect anything from him. Sed almost punched him the once, or at least claimed he was close to doing that ;)

    Wow, cool, Blue Abyss is going again ;) Kinda. Months and months ago I checked the beginning out, and it got to like page 5 or 6, and then he said he was going on indefinite hiatus. Now it looks like he’s done a few more pages.

    And yes, it looks like awbw is having heavy mysql problems.

  2. zenstar says:

    yeah… cook deserves to fry (*snigger*).

    and yep: mysql problems prevent me from logging in. no login = no turn :(

  3. moonflake says:

    when you say cook hits on all the girls, and then in the next sentence say sed was about to punch him… my brain strings those two together :)

    and anyway, i always thought cook was gay? is the hitting on females a cover or what?

  4. Synkronos says:

    Hahahahah!!! Shame, poor Sed ;) I dunno, maybe. Also, he might just be willing to take whatever he can get. If I looked and acted like him, I know I’d be getting a bit desperate about 10 years ago.

  5. Bast says:

    You could put the liquid shit in an attractive little box decorated with colourful question marks. Who could resist that?

  6. totalwaste says:

    bast – your comment was both insightful and worrying. i want a picture of zenstar the MOMENT he opens the box.

    w-v: Electric Jimmy Analyzes Estimated Trauma

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