insane madness working bastards

cancelled my kult game for tomorrow.
basically my next 2 weeks look something like this:
comsci prac test tomorrow (17:30 – 19:30).
maths (fourier methods) test on thursday (18:00 – 19:30)
project handin (comsci – HCI) tuesday 27th
maths (introductory algebra) test on tuesday 27th (18:00 – 19:30)
comsi test on wednesday 28th (probably during normal lecture time)
so i’m doing a little research for the hci project and studying fourier methods today. the hci project seems to be a 2 man project, but is totally unclear on this point. everyone i’ve asked “thinks” its multiple people (excluding the test subjects) but is unsure…
i don’t have the time to sort out another person to do this with amongst everything else i need to do, so i’m doing it alone.
maybe i’ll check with the guy who set it… hmmm
arg… just checked to see if i could get his email from his profile on the comsci forums… obviously not. *sigh* guess i’ll wander off to try see him just now.

oh, before i forget: my dad got a letter published in the YOU magazine (star letter no less). its all about christmas and the whole “seasons greetings” vs “merry christmas” thing.
he set up a little blog about it at:
you can see a scan of the letter there (as well as associated whatsits).

weekend was pretty cool. friday was all relaxed and moonflake and i watched videos.

life aquatic: fun, whimsical, and a little sad. i like the whole style of filming and the wildlife was great! the movie was wierd, but cool. overall i enjoyed it.

elektra: a movie with great potential that turned out average. there were some really cool characters (the main bad guy was funky!) that were just kinda wasted. the plot twist was visible while watching the previews before the movie. and they wasted a couple of great fight scenes.
silly things detracted from it for me. things like: hardcore assassin elektra getting confused by a bunch of flying sheets (all perfectly fine so far… bad guy power and unfortunate location) doesn’t think: “move to other room where there are no sheets.”
and: we defeat this group of bad guys who are part of a much larger group and automatically assume that we are forever safe, end movie on happy note.
*possible spoiler warning (mild)*
really cool fight scene with main bad guy with him being all funky and showing off his powers. elektra gets her ass handed to her… lying all defeated she summons up her courage and blah blah to fight on some more and promptly kills bad guy with one strike that she couldn’t do before… and he hasn’t even broken a sweat yet. imagine taking ryu in streetfighter, having m.bison beating you until a milimeter of life is left in your health bar, suddenly you’re perfect again and one punch later bison is dead. dude! he’s the main bad guy… they should have stretched the fight a little longer and had her use his arogance against him to outwit him into an open position whereupon she kills him. instead: she hits him once. pants!
*end possible spoiler (mild)*
such great potential wasted. overall: average… get if nothing else is in.

saturday night was great: moonflake made mexican and synk, yancke, and schpat came round and we watched zombie movies (night of the living dead -1990 remake by tom savini, and dawn of the dead – original).
food was fantastic, movies were good, company was fun!

sunday: more mexican at moonflake’s parents’ place. mmm… mexican pork :)
mahjong was played, and i even got a game of munchkin (vs: moonflake’s sister and her boyfriend).
i managed to win munchkin by convincing the bf to let his gf join the final fight he was in just so she’d get the 1 treasure. “are you going to fight it out for 2nd?” he asks…
“hmm? oh yeah… probably..” i tell him.
he lets her join… she’s playing the wizard class and i tell her to charm the monster. he doesn’t get the level (so he doesn’t win) and he’d already promised the treasure to his gf so he didn’t get that either.
my next go i walk into a level 2 something or other and (after stealing the kneecaps of alure) force the non-wizard player to help. 18+ vs 2. i won!

oh yeah: the nintendo revolution controller does have a gyroscope in it so it can be waved about like a sword, used like a steering wheel, emulate a mouse, and all sorts of other funky things… its not just a remote.
ign did an article on all the possible uses. read about it there.

advance wars by web: my attempts at the great push failed. i resigned as the counterattack overwhelms me. (first game on the funny, long island.)
the 4 player is going well.. looks like the other 2 players are getting aggressive with each other and i might get a breather here (the fourth player resigned).
vs synk: well.. the 2 problems mentioned earlier broke an already risky strategy… currently i’m trying to hold him off my bases while he preps to overtake. luckily its just a friendly, practice game ‘cos i’m being whooped! :)

thats pretty much all that happened over the weekend…
not much else to say really.
look at the nintendog puppies while i sign off…


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