quickie in the morning

since fridays are usually crazy (tuts till 16h00) i’ll do a quick post of stuff now.

nintendo ds news: xenosaga 1 & 2 are being combined into a single game which will be released on the ds. the magic box had this to say:

Namco has officially announced Xenosaga I · II for Nintendo DS, the game combines the stories of Xenosaga I & II into one game, with all new stories and an altered 2D battle system. The character designs and visuals are all changed from CG to anime. There will be massive movie sequences throughout the game, but will probably be rendered in real time instead of CG movies.

as well as having some pics (go there for more).

in other gaming news:
the nintendo revolution (the next nintendo home console) has released pictures of its controller… wtf? very very weird… looks like a remote control… wonder how it plays?
nintendo are either gonna coin it of a revolutionary design (no pun intended) or fall flat on their faces. check more pics at nintendo insider.

roleplaying last night was quite fun… devils devils everywhere (damnable damage reduction!)
and my character just started along a prestige class line: the eldrich knight!
it kinda suits him as he’s a wizard with a greatsword. now maybe he’ll be able to hit with the damn thing… and when my worgs grow up i’m gonna get one of them as a familiar (already taken leadership and improved familar feats) and maybe get the other 2 as cohorts… that would rock!
now i just need to learn all those magic weapon spells and other enhance hitting things that i haven’t taken yet.

thats about it for today… short ‘n sweet, all up in that like a bucket of chicken!


2 Responses to quickie in the morning

  1. totalwaste says:

    from the reviews i read, the new nintendo will either make or break. definitely worth a try-out, don’t buy until that’s done. when it eventually comes out, of course.

    w-v: It’s My Tongue Averaging Voluminous Electric Volts

  2. babyacid says:

    Yeah, Old Grandma Hardcore down on oghc.blogspot.com was un-impressed with the new console. Apparantly moving the controller around actually effects the game. Kinda like a free-floating joy stick.

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