quiet, early winter day…

not much happening today.
comsci lecture. pick up some notes. surf the net a bit. go home…
well i haven’t gone home yet, but i’m going soon.

after a sudden summer day it seems winter has arrived again.
luckily i looked out, up the mountain, at campus today and saw the cloudcover. i decided shorts = bad.

we actually managed to get some roleplaying done last night, inbetween bursts of other conversations.
the two players accused the most of disrupting the game (in fact, the two players who keep interupting the game to point out how much the other interupts) had their characters go mano – a – mano last night. well… steel pipe’o – a – face’o.
yancke’s character made some comment insinuating something about schpat’s character’s intelligence and italian-ness… schpat’s character is both touchy (short fuse) and feels persecuted about his italian-ness… oh, and is also a gangster heavily involved with “the family” if you get my drift.
luckily he had just spent his last bullet in the previous combat.
unluckily for yancke’s char, steel pipes don’t run out of ammo.
a quick beating later (and a serious wound) and schpat’s char catches a bullet in his left arm from the cop (npc) who was trying to stop the fight and immediately after, gets his right wrist broken by moonflake’s character to force him to drop the pipe (2 serious wounds… one from the bullet which was almost fatal, and the other from the wrist strike).
so we have a redneck, sewer-worker missing a few teeth and slurring nasally with a broken nose, and a pissed off italian gangster with one arm shattered by a bullet and the other strapped to keep the wrist straight…
maybe i should have let them kill each other off. we would have less interuptions during the game… oh well. they’re somewhere where they may be able to heal a bit now (as long as the summoning doesn’t go awry and kill everyone…)

here’s a nice pic of artwork from some upcoming game (lost magic) for the nintendo ds.


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