melting… melting…

welcome summer…
spring was around for, what?, 2 maybe 3 days.
now summer is back and bad!
people are roasting while running from lecture venue to lecture venue.
there isn’t a hint of a possibility of a breath of wind on campus today.
(so no short skirts blowing up).
it’s actually cooler in the overheated comsci labs than outside.

well the demo of my project just finished.
of course now is the time that any minor defect pitches up and shows itself.
but at least its over and the supervisor seemed pleased enough with what we had done (in spite of a problem or two raising its ugly head).
no more bridge ever again!

as for my advance wars by web turns (sorry synk… you’ll have to wait for tomorrow) there’s a minor skirmish over the airport i took in the 4 player game, but i’m begining to churn out battle-copters while using disposable troops to block off his anti-air vehicles, leaving his tanks open to chopper fire.
as for the other 2 player i’m in… i’m trying another rush, only supported by a few more infantry units, and my power is almost full.
if my power meter fills i’ll be able to get my infantry to do a strike with their movement increased (2 spaces), their attack power increased (some %) and they will be able to capture territory in 1 turn even with only 1 HP left.
this means that if he makes a mistake i’ll take his hq and win, otherwise i’ll cause serious damage to his units, or i’ll get rolled and not be able to defend against the counter-attack.

and now i must go home and wash dishes in preperation for tonight’s kult game. i’m not using them as props… but we still need to eat.
that and play advance wars 2 and rest….


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