cramped ass control.

(edit: stupid animated gif not working *replaces gif*)
so lack of sleep is kinda making things feel like they’re moving through syrup.
we finished all the docs and handed in at about 21:30 yesterday.
of course, once home, i couldn’t get to sleep until it was nice and late (body obviously switched over to “work late and don’t sleep” mode)
there were only 36 people in my comsci lecture this morning (i counted).
36 out of a class of about 150 (rough esimate).
ok… so normally there’s only about 100 people there, but it was practically deserted today. obviously loads of people didn’t finish their projects.
in fact i saw at least one group working this morning after comsci. they were “finishing off” the documentation and their code was “99 percent” complete. (his words).
well i’m glad we finished.

so campus control were handing out leaflets as you got onto the jammie shuttle this morning (if i had a scanner here i would scan it), and this is what it says:


  • Cell phones disappear
  • Data projectors & Laptops abducted
  • Bags abscond

(contact details removed)

this is a pretty acurate replication. all that is missing are the contact details (email and extensions… no actual phone number for people using a cellphone becuse they’re being attacked and don’t have time to use a phone in the office thats closed and locked because its after 4 / because its lunch / because its tea / because the day has a vowel in it) and the stupid logo next to the first 3 lines.
notice a few things: nowhere does it claim that anything has been STOLEN!
stuff goes missing but they don’t say stolen.
notice how capus control make no mention of their responsibilities in this regard or that they are meant to be here to protect the campus and the students.
notice their answer: owner responsibility. meaning that they don’t give a fuck, they don’t care that its their job to sort this kind of thing out… deal with it yourself!
thanks for that useful public announcement. it would have been easier to just get a loudhailer and walk through campus at lunch shouting “we suck! we don’t do our job! go fuck yourselves!” in between munching doghnuts, swilling coffee, and looking through the lost & found box for anything worth any money.

and the jammie shuttle has implemented a fantastic new system. instead of having a dude look at your student card while you get on the bus and kicking you out if you don’t have a card, you now have to swipe a reader just on the inside of the doors and a dude watches for a beeping red light and kicks you off if it doesn’t beep. of course by the time you need to be kicked off you’re already on the buss and 4 people need to be displaced off the bus into 4 other people in the queue to kick you off, and the readers that they use (and the mag strips on the cards) are probably the cheapest available. this means you need to swipe 3 – 4 times to get it to read, basically taking the time it takes to get on the bus and multiplying it by a factor of 10.
you still need a dude to check something… but now the dude is inside and can’t move down the line pre-emptively checking while there are no busses around. efficient!
that evil, underground, criminal ring that survives soley on making fake student cards to get a free ride to campus are doomed to failure now!
ass monkeys!

i got to play a bunch of adventure quest last night while my project partner finished off the sequence diagrams in ms visio.
its fun. not massively complicated or engrossing, but fun.
i got to level 11 and almost finishe leroy’s quest (damn that dragon… 25 hp away) before leaving.

and thats basically it…
i’m going home to nap and play advance wars 2 (as soon as i finish my advance wars by web turns)


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