1000 electronic trees died…

woo.. late sunday night posting from varsity.
finishing off all the documentation for the project is a real pain in the ass.
somwhere a small forest of electronic trees died to facilitate all the documentation we’ve done today.
demo time has been booked for tuesday.
man, i cannot wait for all this to be over.
i never want to play bridge after this (not that i did beforehand).

campus looks a little spooky in the night hours. all dark and forboding inbetween pools of light here and there.
occasionally you see what might be a cat running by (i spotted 2 on my way home last night).
of course they could just be small varsity rats…

well i’ve been surviving on coke and cigarettes all day, but that’s the standard diet for coders all over the world.
the comsci labs here are overflowing with students trying to do “last minute” things to their projects (and some of those things include coding the whole damn thing).
some of them look like they’ve been here since friday night…

anyway. i’m off to try finish the project so we can hand in and go home.


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