1531 bottles of beer on the wall, 1531 bottles of beer…

just spent the day completing the project code with my project partner.
1531 lines of code, about half of which i did today.
it may not be the most nicely formated, or the easiest path, or the best, but it is done.
well… there’s still documentation to do but as its already 19h00 we’re going to continue tomorrow. hopefully it won’t take too long.

last night was great though…
yancke invited us (moonflake & me) out to panchos for mexican.
wow… good enchilladas. still have half to eat when i get home :)
synk and conrad and dave (sharpe) were also there and much fun was had.

btw: yancke caved in to peer pressure and started a blog at (gasp) yancke.blogspot.com.

anyway.. i’m off home.


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