mad code

well today has been wholey uneventful really…
all i’ve done, other than surf the net a bit and do my advance wars turns, has been coding my project/ debugging what i’d written. looks like saturday will be needed to finalise everything and do documentation after all.
the only other thing of note is google decided to pull my ads as they say they’ve detected “invalid clicks” and this goes against policy and blah blah blah.
the short of it is this: cash refunded back to advertisers and ad account closed.
whatever… it was going to take almost a year to get a payout anyway.
looks like schpat had the same problem.
ok… that’s about it for today as i need to do some washing before people come over tonight otherwise we’ll have no plates to eat off.
look at the picture while i sign off.


2 Responses to mad code

  1. Synkronos says:

    Well, I guess you better choose the box then =)

  2. schpat says:

    lol, Nah, I commited to the cash already.

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