hitting the brick in the cloud

wow. it was impossible for me to get to sleep last night.
after everyone left (there was no roleplaying done, but a lot of debating and discussing and shouting and laughing so it was all good) i went to bed and promptly lay awake for hours.
needless to say getting up in the morning wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.

luckily i saw my project partner on the way up to varsity. i was getting worried having not seen him in over a week, but he seems to be about the same point i am with the coding (ie: last features being added and tweaked) and we’re both happy to use saturday to complete everything, so it looks like we’ll at least have everything done by monday… hopefully well enough to get a passing mark (especially with the stupid tutor who can’t find the stuff we handed in and sends emails saying “where’s the stuff?” without explaining what stuff he wants, especially annoying after i had to show him how to find the stuff because he couldn’t figure out how to use the software we were told to use… and he’s meant to be a 3rd year comsci student… butt-monkey!)

my comsci lecturer coined a phrase / made up a saying i found quite humorous. “every cloud has a hidden brick.
“you’re happily going along and everything is nice and fluffy, and then you hit the brick in the cloud!”
basically hitting the brick in the cloud is when you think everything is going fine and then wham! straight out of the blue a massive fuckup occurs.
which brings me to my fourier methods lecturer….
the brick of the day.
dude is doing an example on the board (stretching our understanding already by this point) when he draws a cute little graph and doesn’t extend the t+1/2 section over the 1/2 mark even though t is greater then 0.
now everyone is going, but if t is bigger than 0 then t+1/2 is bigger than 1/2…
is it?” he smugly asks a class who’s currently thinking “the answer to the question is 1/T times the integral of what the fuck?”
he then lets it hang until people are dropping their pens on their desks and giving up for the day (half way through the lecture) and only then explains (rather poorly) how we don’t bother with what is past 1/2 because we already looked at that section in the previous part of the question which noone understood anyway…
of course by the time the explanation came most people had already turned off and i’m sure there are people that walked out thinking: “never integrate past 1/2 because *insert unknown stupid lecturer reason here*.”
if you’ve ever been to a complex lecture you know what i mean… some things you just assume because the lecturer said so and you don’t understand the reasoning but you don’t really care anymore.

so synk joined advance wars by web and we started a game and played a good few turns in quick succession (it’s a small map, see pic, with not much to do in the begining). i’ve taken a bit of a gamble but can’t discuss my tactics here as i know synk reads my blog.
none of my other turns have come back yet.

checking my email i find my blog finally got added to blogwise :)
i’d completely forgotten that i’d put it in for submission.. it takes a while ‘cos they have so many blogs to check and add.

bast has added herself to the blogging world as she will be leaving capetown in the near future going on to a better job in a different place…
check her blog to keep in touch.

i’m thinking of bailing home soon and shaving, showering, and relaxing for the rest of the day… stupid insomnia… plus i’ll get to play a little more advance wars 2 :)
always good.


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  1. Synkronos says:

    If it’s more complicated than ‘lightning strike his infantry so he has trouble capturing cities while I get a leg up in terms of cash’ I would be intrigued to find out ;)

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