a short update

a bit busy today…
must finish code that i’ve been neglecting a bit.
the war over at advance wars by web is heating up… we’ve had major contact now and he’s setting up firing lines that i need to get my tanks into to disrupt otherwise i’ll get slaughtered on my way in.
but i think i can do it. a couple of sacrifical units, savings allowing me to get a neotank soon, and the fact that i’m trying to choke his cash supply should all give me the upper hand… hopefully (i hope my opponent doesn’t read this :)
basically i’m attacking his infantry to prevent him from taking cities. cities give you cash. cash gives you units.
secondry objectives are destroying other units and taking cities myself.
i’m already up a couple of cities and have destroyed a tank of his and reduced the strength of his infantry. all at a cost (soon to be paid) of a tank unit and possibly an infantry… not bad concidering i’m also pushing back the contact line closer to his hq which i’m hoping to take :)

watched bad santa yesterday… it was surprisingly heartwarming for a tale about a complete asshole :)
i suggest you see it.
also saw most of alexander. damn oliver stone and his 3 hour epics. i fell asleep for a bit about half way, but when i woke up everyone was still doing pretty much the same thing (squabbling) just slightly further east in the world. i didn’t think too much of it.

other than that not much happening: i couldn’t get to my gmail earlier but that seems sorted now. roleplaying is happening tonight (kult) or rather: my group is coming over and there is a chance of roleplaying happening tonight :)
whatever… as long as its fun who cares right?

oh yeah… i promised to link to a flash rpg thingie for synk so here we go:
adventure quest rpg. it looks like fun (i wanna play a vampire slayer) but i ain’t got no flash at varsity :(
so someone try it out and tell me how it is… maybe i’ll play from home or try the other labs or something.

as for the prize from schpat: i’m thinking of going for the box…
schpat’s box looks enticing *wink*


2 Responses to a short update

  1. Synkronos says:

    Haha omg Adventure Quest! I played that so much last year sometime when we ran out of work to do for about a month. It’s okay, although it might have changed since. A tad repetitive, but I’ll check it out again now.

  2. schpat says:

    roleplaying is happening tonight (kult) or rather: my group is coming over and there is a chance of roleplaying happening tonight :)

    OMG He’s psycic!

    Anyway, nice to see everyone again. AQ was quite cool, but basically just kol with graphics and less humor.

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