the internet cancelled due to lack of intrest

what is up with the net today?
trying to do my advance wars by web turn today and the site is down because it’s gone over its alloted bandwidth…
ok.. lets pop over to
down… something about server response ???
finally (after my usual readings) i try ninty again and their site is up but slow as all hell (and awbw is still down… until next month i assume then… oh well one more day).

i found a review of advance wars: dual strike at gamespot.
turns out they like it… 9.2 / 10 rated superb.
editors choice and everything :) i can’t wait to get my hands on it.
i’m having so much fun with aw2 at the mo.
barely a month to wait…
uk release is 30/09/05 and we normally get games here shortly after the euro release.
today’s picture is one of the commanding officers from advance wars: dual strike.

last night was roleplaying (my kult game). almost everyone arrived late, then complained that we do so little roleplaying, then stated that tonight we’re definitely roleplaying, then proceeded to have out of character conversations about food, news, the police, economics, what aspartime is, a funny anecdote they know, anything but roleplaying.
getting them through this tiny little section was meant to be the end half of a session that we played weeks ago, but the constant talking and complaining that so-and-so is distracting, the TALKING OVER ME WHILE I’M DM’ING, the not listening because there’s an interesting conversation and then asking me what just happened, the not understanding where they are or what they’re doing because only 1 person in the party listened to what i was saying and only heard 1/2 of it because someone is arguing loudly with someone else about the price of cheese and how eggs make great omlettes, has dragged this section out for a looooong time.
i’m thinking of clipping sections out of the game to get it to the end quicker.
basically the rundown is this:
yancke complains that there is no roleplaying happening and will everyone shutup.
moonflake complains there is no roleplaying and she misses playing her character.
schpat agrees to roleplay but grumbles something about jenga or mahjong.
james and synk get ready to roleplay (after finding dice and drinks and whatnot)
i start describing the scene where we left the characters last.
schpat asks some question because he can’t remember what happened last.
yancke and/or synk supply the answer to the question and make derogatory remark about intelligence.
this sparks off a conversation and, not wanting to be left out, moonflake and james join in.
20 minutes later i start describing the scene again.
moonflake remembers this from last time and so starts talking to synk about something.
james asks for some clarification on something and while my attention is diverted schpat joins in conversation (shouting across the table to each other now) with moonflake and synk.
eventually, after trying to get attention, i shout for silence.
yancke asks me what happened because he was reading the newspaper in stead of listening when i described the scene.
schpat has zoned out and no longer worries about yancke threatening him with a knife.
and all this after complaining to me that we don’t roleplay as much as the players want to roleplay adn tonight is definitely a roleplaying night! i don’t tell them this… they tell me this!
i don’t mind a games night. i don’t mind a roleplaying night. i don’t mind conversations about whatever. what i do mind however is being asked to dm, being told that we will definitely roleplay, and then get talked over (multiple times last night), get interupted for nonsensical stories and arguements about yesterdays news (multiple times last night), get ignored because the tatler is so interesting (at least once last night), have to repeat myself 6 times (and i only have 5 players… multiple times last night).
if you want to play then play. if you’d rather play jenga or cards or something then we’ll do that. but if you want to roleplay then roleplay!
and none of you can point a finger at anyone else as you all distract other players and you’re all guilty of at least one of the things i complained about (probably more but you get away with most of it because i’m busy beating someone else at the time trying to shut them up a bit).

back to real world news:
turns out one of saturn’s moons may be supplying one of its rings with debris (the e ring) as it shoots out plumes of water hundreds of kilometers high.


4 Responses to the internet cancelled due to lack of intrest

  1. Synkronos says:

    The net is super-screwy for me as well. I’m betting Telkom is having international problems again.

    Dude, sorry about last night. When I saw you were getting irritated, I started paying closer attention.

  2. zenstar says:

    best fallback is to blame telkom
    they deserve a LOT of blame

    as for last night: its fine
    everyone started paying attention near the end but by then it was almost 12 so…
    but we did start late again what with yancke and james being late and you and moonflake needing to stay at work till 19h00

    the post comes off a lot harsher than it really is :)

  3. Synkronos says:

    Telkom and MWeb

    And good =) Cos you sound fucking irate in the text ;)

  4. schpat says:

    [in slow, sheepish ogre from gummibears voice] Sooorrryyyy.

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