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answered another question over at askzenstar today.
if you like ice cream and d&d you’d better take a look.

good luck synkronos for interview thingie.

well today has been pretty quiet again. got up a little late and came up to varsity to catch up on my usuall blog reads, to blog, and to do some coding for my comsci project.
as i was leaving the caretaker tells me that 503 (just down the hall) got broken into on saturday. smashed a window and climbed into the bathroom… only the bathroom door was locked so he only got away with a vacuum cleaner.
man, we’re gonna have to burglar bar everything now. too many break-ins are happening now.

anyway, played a lot of advance wars 2 yesterday/ last night. its so much fun. in the original you only got to play 1 of 3 different commanders in the campaign mode (since you played orange star forces vs everyone else) but in aw2 you get to choose commanders depending which country you’re in (orange star, blue moon, yellow comet, and green earth). each country has 3 commanders and i’m not sure what’s going to happen in the final battles. black hole army is invading everyone. last game it culminated in a 3 on 1 battle against the main bad guy (that was tough). this time the black hole army have 4 or 5 commanders to face as opposed to just the 1.

also: i found a nice little site called advance wars by web (awbw) which does a web based game of advance wars. i started a little game and did my turn today :) its cool. see the map: i’m orange star playing sami. opponent is blue moon playing grit.

in other news: kult game tonight… hopefully we’ll actually play this week, except schpat says his brother gave him a bunch of common yugioh cards and now schpat wants to know if i can find rules :)

in real life news:
scientists have created something harder than diamonds now… those wacky germans always pushing the boundries of science.
huricane katrina is causing all sorts of problems while pushing up oil prices because she closed down some refineries in the gulf of mexico while she passed.


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