a quite yet busy day

well as usual my fridays are full of lectures and tuts, leaving little time to do real blog postings (but i try anyway).
amazingly enough someone has asked a question over at askzenstar which i will attempt to answer as soon as i finish this blog post.

not much in the news today (what little time i’ve had reading it) but i’m sure if i’ve missed anything good schpat or moonflake will post on it.

roleplaying last night was fun… much mecha-d&d action, plus we found schpat’s character again (schpat had taken a short break due to work) and got tonnes of rewards for being so brilliant and stuff :) always good.
turns out synk will be joining our group soon… i think he should play an anti-paladin and discharge all over the enemy, but the rest of the party keeps whining about needing someone who can heal or something. *shrugs* whatever.

i did find a rather interesting site through blogexplosion today. dog eat doug. a cute site with a regular comic. find the link below.
its a really cute little comic about a baby and a puppy seen mostly from the puppy’s perspective. they’re generally short and easy to read plus the guy links to a whole bunch of related stuff.

blogexplosion seems to be working decently for me. i got a whole load (about 13) more hits than usual the other day. i’m unsure if they all came through because of blog explosion or if anyone actually stayed to read or click on things… but my counter is happily climbing so i’m content.

that’s basically all for today… an amazingly short post.
live long and prosper.


2 Responses to a quite yet busy day

  1. Fence says:

    I’m here via BE, and I’m reading your entries too. I think it works, but mainly just for numbers.

    Though I don’t use it anymore for people coming to visit me, I’m more interested in finding new blogs out there to read.

  2. zenstar says:

    yeah… thats how i found dog eat doug :)
    there are some nice sites out there

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