scalpels, worms, and zombies

visited my parents last night (both are back from ther respective trips now) and my mom had gotten me a copy of the latest nag magazine.
thanks mom :)
in it i see the release date for “trauma center: under the knife” is set for december… yet another game i need to get my mitts on.
now that is a cool concept for a game.
you’re a junior surgeon and you preform operations on people using your stylus as a scalpel. i just read an interview at and here’s a little snippet from that:
But through Nintendo Japan, they met with a doctor supervisor from a university, who supervised the development of the game. He actually played it to make sure things were accurate. It’s a game, it’s not super-realistic, but there are concessions to reality.
its gonna be cool… they’re already planning a sequel.

other gaming news: worms is coming to the ds :)
yep… those lovable, cartoon, bazooka-carrying maniacs will be blasting onto our (small yet touch sensitive) screens in the near future.
see some pics here.

even more gaming news:
the original biohazard game is being mad for the ds. name not familiar? that’s because it was known as resident evil in the west.
looks like it’s going to be real funky. using the touch-screen to wield your knife, wipe blood off the screen and solve puzzles. cannot wait :)
go find some pics here.
they’ve worked ds into the title by calling it “biohazard: deadly silence.”
note that all the backgrounds are true 3d and not pre-rendered like the original.

in non-gaming news:
i have been added to blogexplosion now :)
maybe this’ll up my traffic… i guess we’ll see.
also: ork-khrist has succumb to the blogging madness.
now we need to get holey crusader to move his blog over (and update the damn thing) and synk to abandon the wiki (and also update…).

been looking through the net for rules on playing texas hold ’em poker since seeing celebrity poker on the e! channel and seeing a poker tournament on espn the other week. looks like a fun way to play.
schpat… when is the next poker game (and can you convince vultar to join?)
rules (all text good explanation)
rules (a little difficult to read around the ads)
rules (nice layout with pictures)

in the news news:
funny thing… was talking with moonflake yesterday about the concord… now japan is about to test a new supersonic airliner that’ll approach mach 2 using a solid fuel booster.
turns out the japanese and french have been developing this jointly since the concord crashed, killing 113 people, and was decommisioned because it was too costly to maintain, too short ranged, and ,oh yeah, crashed killing 113 people.
read more here…

slashdot reports that the us pentagon is designing a laser cannon small enough to paste onto a fighter jet yet powerfull enough to knock missiles out of the sky. unfortunately they’re calling it: The High Energy Laser Area Defense System or hellads. (don’t ask me why there are 2 l’s… typo?)
i think they should call it: Generally Overpowering New Area Defence System.
hung under the fighter jet…

final news bite aol has been fined $1.25 million because they’re difficult. basically people have been complaining that its just too damn difficult to unsubscribe from aol and that their requests are often ignored or made unduly difficult by the customer service representatives.
all this stems from the fact that aol had a bonus scheme set up that meant that a certain quota of customer retention was required to receive said bonus. so the customer service representatives were making it as difficult as they could to unsubscribe in order that they get their bonuses.
moral of the story: aol is sucky.
they have promised to go through customer service reforms.

well that’s about it for the day. since no-one asked any questions for askzenstar today, i guess i won’t answer any (especially since i still need to think up a backup question to ask myself… maybe i’ll harvest my rpg group tonight… heh heh heh)
ooh… roleplaying today… it’s been a while (what with the housesitting and whatnot) and i’ve kinda missed it… can’t wait.
(maybe some pre-game jenga too).


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