wow… that dog is a shocker

let me open up today’s post with a link to the world’s ugliest dog (in the world *snigger @ moonflake*)…
it really is a scary sight.
what’s even more scary is that you can buy t-shirts and fridge magnets of the thing… that’s one way to keep on diet: every time you go near the fridge you feel sick. stop you from eating.
oh well… every animal needs a loving home, and sam’s owners obviously are proud of him.

look at this picture of some penguins to calm yourself:
phew! now that that’s past lets get on to some minor news…
we were meant to roleplay last night (my kult game) but food was taking a while to cook and since 50% of the group (including me) were waiting for the food because we hadn’t eaten yet, and because schpat brought jenga, we ended up playing games instead.
we had a jenga tower that had no possible moves left (unless you do that magician thing where you whip the tablecloth off leaving the table set… only with a wooden block, leaving the tower standing)
followed by a few rounds of lunch money… (schpat: click the link… downloadable rules stuff there… make a reference chart).
a fun night was had by all (especially with all the grabbing going on *honk honk*: lunch money funny).
and a question was raised about touch attacks and stuff in dungeons and dragons (3rd ed or 3.5) which i will answer later today on ask zenstar.

america got advance wars: dual strike for the nintendo ds. yep… that and nintendogs were released yesterday (or today… or something).
lucky lucky basts!
sounds like the game is rocking. i seriously need to get my hands on advance wars 2: black hole rising for the gba.
i’ve only ever played the original advance wars and would really like to get my mitts on a copy of aw2. if anyone spots it out there let me know.
(if anyone is willing to sell me their copy let me know and we can negotiate price…. even better: if anyone out there loves this blog so much that they need to send me a gift, let me know *cheesy grin*).
i neeeeed the games.
how am i meant to procrastinate without them?

i caved in to peer pressure today and joined blog explosion today… wonder if i’ll get accepted?
i may be bounced but i think i’ll just be tagged “profane” and get added.

got some varsity holidays coming up. end of term on friday, one week off.
i’ll probably be coming up to varsity to work on my comsci project in peace (and to blog of course).


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