test day *blegh*

test madness begins today.
in case i haven’t complained to you yet (or you missed previous complaints):
i have a maths test tonight, a comsci test tomorrow morning, and another maths test tomorrow night.
now i can understand maths tests neing close together as they are 2 modules of the same course (mam200w), but do they have to be on consecutive days? give us a day or two to catch our breath please.
and, of course, comsci has to throw it’s spanner into the works too. its not like maths and comsci are subjects that shouldn’t mix. you need to do some sort of maths to do comsci. mam200w or the half version is required to get the degree.
but every time maths has it’s little double test things comsci manages to get their test schedule on the same day or within a couple of days of the maths tests.
you think they’d organise a little better concidering almost every student doing comsci is going to get fucked by this in some way or another.
at least tonight’s test is only 45 minutes long, which means either supa-easy (like seapoint hookers) or ultra-hard but over quickly (like a 14 year-old watching a porno).

i was humoured to see that google has tailored its ads for my page with, when i last checked, “grand theft auto charges: get the info you need about criminal defence attorneys.” and “give theft the boot: protect your vehicle…”
seems my adventures to hidden ganglands and my ranting about gta has had an effect. maybe they’ll start advertising nescafe or some other coffee next (preferably if its hot).

and now todays scientific updates:
how would you like to run your cellphone on vodka?
ok… this news is a little old but stick with it and you’ll see why i reference it.
so scientists have managed to produce a battery that creates current from vodka. basically you’ll be down the pub (as the brits say) needing to phone your bird to tell her you’re working late and not to stay up, or needing to phone your mate to brag about some slapper you picked up, when suddenly (dun dun daaaah) you notice your phone battery is almost dead.
no problem. simply give the barman a wave and get a couple of vodkas. one for you and one for your phone and bam! you have a buzz and a charge.
well… the technology isn’t quite that far developed yet but something new has come about as can be read in this article here (which is far more recent).
a pee powered battery. that’s right, urine to battery charge.
the scientist making is trying to integrate it into some sort of medical testing thingie, but whatever. the real use is obvious!
take the previous night at the pub example: you need to make a call but the battery is dead. simply wave down the barman, order two pints. drink both and head to the back of the pub into the bathrooms. pee on your phone and bam! you have double the buzz and a charge.
the only downsides are:
accidently peeing on your sleeve.
smelling of pee because you regularly pee on your phone (and miss because you’re drunk).
getting thrown out of the pub by a bouncer ‘cos you’re obviously way to drunk or a complete loon (he saw you peeing on your phone).

that’s all for today.


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  1. never a truer word said

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