two dollar girlies

i broke the 2 dollar mark with google. in only 10 days :)
keep supporting the sponsors (and, indirectly, me) heh.

today’s traffic update:
traffic-lite. now with less vehicles.
in spite of leaving 10 mins later than i should have, i managed to get to varsity 10 minutes earlier.
(traffic dm: *sounds of giant dice rolling* “hmmm… a 12. light traffic on the hill on the m3.
*sound of a d1,000,000 rolling* “times 1.5 for leaving late and still only a few hundred??? its your lucky traffic day today. but the lady in front of you will still drive like an arse all the way into claremont… i gotta get my kicks somehow“)

so i’m standing in line at the jammie shuttle and there’s this person in front of me. they were either a very girly man or a girl trying to be manly.
(on a scale of 1 to 100 with 1 being harcore hof manly and 100 being more girly than a big girl’s blouse, this person scored around a 65… girly, but not entirely unmanly.)
its a bit of a pity ‘cos he/she could have been quite pretty if they grew their hair long (rather than keeping the pudding bowl cut), wore a less padded, less butch jacket, and tucked it back between their legs. (maybe used a little duct tape there).
but hey… its a free world for men, women, and menwomen.

talking about women, some guy brought a pair of italian exchange students (girls) with them to comsci (presumably trying to bore them into bed?).
being exchange students in a new environment they of course wanted their pictures taken and so our intrepid hero takes their camera and moves back a good few step to snap a shot.
he lines it up, they smile, he pushes the button… and gets flashed in the face.
i guess that’s what he gets for holding the camera facing the wrong way :)

post lecture i wander down to the open source labs and log into a machine when the tutor assigned to my project comes up to me (he was seated a few seats down) and asks me if we submitted everything in our last handin (which we did electronically) as all he can get is the object interaction diagram out of the uml documentation.
now we didn’t do everything for the handin as we were a little pressed for time to complete the demo (well… my partner was… my section was up and running with breathing space to spare. we got 4 out of 5 for the demo btw) but i know we handed in more than just that diagram so i wander over…
now i’m thinking there’s some fault with the submition system, or the zip file is corrupt or he’s looking for that 1 of the diagrams that we didn’t (mainly because the shitty software they provided won’t allow us to do sequence diagrams as the option is permanently greyed out).
so i get to his machine and he has a little trouble finding our folder (rather he has a little trouble navigating to our folder… which is on his desktop… and is clearly labled. i started to get an inkling of what the problem was…) but eventually opens up our handin in argouml (curse you, you shitty software package… of shit!).
sitting there is a sidebar of the project (you know: where it keeps all the things we’ve used and done all nicely filed in collapsible folders) and the main frame with our object interaction diagram.
“i can’t find anything other than this.” he informs me.
so i spend a minute or 2 teaching him basics of navigation for any gui based computer program.
open the project folder… a whole list of diagrams and objects drop down the list… select a usecase diagram (“oh.” he exclaims) see all our usecases??? open the usecase… a whole list of subcases drops down with associated objects (“ah.” he breathes in amazement)… resist urge to beat tutor over the head with his own keyboard.
and this is meant to be a 3rd year computer science student…
i do not have high hopes for marks in this section :/
i just hope he either finds everything and marks appropriately or (the better option) can’t find something, feels too stupid to ask me where it is again, and just gives us some good marks for the stuff he can’t find.
of course all the documentation is going to need updating and transfering over into a better uml package (that actually lets us do the diagrams we’re required to do).
of course the better software was only installed after we had started all the uml documentation (and we were told to use argouml but the shitty lecturer we had for software engineering) so we couldn’t switch software and still make the handin by the time we discovered the problems.
once again proving that waiting ’till the last minute to do anything is better than trying to do a decent job.

for all the stylish geeks out there: for only $14.99 (probably need to pay p+p too) you too can have the stylish and cool duct tape wallet.
what next?
how about an albert einstein action figure?
or maybe a marshmellow gun?
or even a ninja launching gun?
yeah… i think some people hav a little too much time on their hands.

well i have to go off and download maths notes and study for my maths test tomorrow evening, and the comsci test on wednesday morning, and the other maths test on wednesday evening. *blegh*


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  1. schpat says:

    “bore them into bed” LOL !!!

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