demon-stration day

wierd thing i noticed about trafffic today…
ok i understand that by leaving 15 minutes earlier than usual traffic is going to be different. you know, less traffic here and there and generally quicker travel through to where i want to be (or need to be). normally i hit traffic on the hill on the m3. this morning it only started after the hill, on the descent into cleremont.
the wierd thing though is this:
normally the traffic is sucky until you turn off the m3 and head towards the circle. from there there’s still a little traffic but it’s light (until you hit main road).
but today (getting there earlier) the traffic was hardcore around the circle (with ass monkeys jumping the yield and almost getting wiped out) and then cleared up a little afterwards.
it’s like there’s some giant traffic dm who rolls dice (really big dice).
hmmm… a 36. your random encounter today will be at the traffic circle…
*rolls a d1,000,000*
oooh… lots of cars this morning… times 0.75 for leaving early… not enough to add an accident scene up ahead though…

had to demonstrate a prototype for my comsci project this morning.
funny thing is that while waiting for my supervisor to arrive and see what we’d (my project partner and i) cobbled together, i was screwing around with the gui designer and came up with a very simple gui… 3 buttons, with pictures on them, that when clicked make 1 of 3 small pictures dissapear. i was just screwing around wondering if i’ll even bother adding a gui to the final product…
so she comes in finally and looks at what we have (a text based little cardgame that is only really core functionality and not much else) and asks a bunch of questions to check that we don’t need help and are on the right track… so i open up the gui and say: “oh, and we have this test gui to check the feasibility of adding a gui to the end product.”
(look who’s been learning to talk project managment from moonflake ;)
she looks at the gui and is all impressed about it. in fact she seemed the most impressed about a 5 minute hash-job that isn’t even integrated into the demo.
*pats self on back*

well thankfully it’s the weekend (after my damn maths tuts. *blegh*).
i really could do with a late morning in. getting up early is begining to fray my nerves now. it was so cold as i was driving this morning that my fingers had that “coldfire” pain in them. like being burned to the bone with cold. i’m sure its ‘cos the tips are freezing solid and the jagged ice molecules are shredding the cells. (that’s why they can’t currently cryofreeze people and bring them back yet… except for some frog or something that somehow uses glucose to round the edges of the ice crystals so that it doesn’t get all it’s cells popped, which must be unpleasent when you think about it. this frog lives somewhere pretty cold and freezes over every now and then… like hibernation).
i wonder what i’m up to tonight…
i wonder what’s on tv tonight…
i wonder what i’m having for supper tonight…
i wonder if i have enough time to get chinese before my maths tuts start…
(probably not… but i’m going to try anyway. if i’m late: screw ’em).

my cries of “click the ads” must be working as i’m slowly creeping up on the $2 mark… averaging 0.20c (american) a day at the moment. this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop clicking. keep up the good work and be satisfied in the knowledge that you are helping another while possibly finding some interesting sites and things. (the fact that you’re helping another feed his gaming addiction shouldn’t make a difference to you… you’re all kind and shit right… right?).
and if you’d like to search for something interesting like maybe the “hot coffee” patch for gta, or for more information about the games i mention, or even for a way to track me down and beat me for having such a lame blog, then you can use the handy search bar located on the right (in the links section). in fact why not make this page your homepage and do all your searching with that bar? it’ll be good for you ;)


3 Responses to demon-stration day

  1. schpat says:

    Your traffic question is probably that by arriving in claremont earlier you are probably now hitting the people who are leaving claremont to get to work traffic.

    One thing about the using the google search that you’ve so kindly provided, you forgot to tell them to click the ads when they search! ;)


  2. zenstar says:


    my very own, personalized, mini, schpatdope!

    hah! how many people can lay claim to that!

  3. Ans says:

    Thanks for this great post, i have bookmarked your site in the hope there will be more of this



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