flexing the traffic muscles

wow traffic sucks!
getting up (far too) early to get in to varsity on time means i hit major traffic.
and if there’s a light drizzle *bam* morons everywhere… worse than usual.
(as moonflake always says: instant bad drivers, just add water)
and i discovered that there are muscles in the human body that are only ever used while driving in traffic, like the muscle that runs up the side of your shin on your left leg… i shall call it the clutch muscle.
this muscle is soley responsible for holding in the clutch while you sit there waiting for the car in front to move, and for letting the clutch just that little bit out, but not too far out and holding it there.
if you haven’t driven in major, slow-moving, 1m a minute traffic for a while you discover that your traffic muscles have attrified.
the odd thing is you can’t exercise the muscles by driving around a lot. they only seem to kick in while you sit in traffic.

so i manage to get through to cleremont and drop the dog off (eventually), get out of cleremont and park the car (eventually), walk up to the jammie shuttle and get in line.
now the shuttle has this really bad habit… in stead of having shuttles moving past constantly, shuttling people up to campus in a smooth, continuous action, they prefer to arrive 2 or 3 at a time, take a load of people, then not come back for several days (well… exageration maybe… maybe). so i arrive there and the line is so long that if people queued towards varsity the end of the line would already be on campus. we wait and wait and wait, suddenly 3 buses arrive together and the line begins to slowly trudge forward. of course everyone waiting manages to get on (well… most people… well i got on at least) but because the line is so long (and the organisation is so crap) they keep sending people to that bus, then this bus, then back to the first, then this again, and it takes forever just to get on (good luck finding a seat).
at least they are just overloading the buses nowdays and not hyper-overloading like before.

well… i managed to finish off the classes that were my responsibility to code last night / yesterday, and my partner is just compiling and testing his section as i type, so it looks like we’ll be able to stick things together in time for the demo tomorrow :)
we still got documentation to do though :(
hopefully it’ll all be ready.

now i wonder how schpat manages to get all those hits on his page? i mean he’s a likeable guy and all, and is very interesting and funny, but damn! that shit is whacked. his counter is staying on his page using centrefugal forces. if people stop visiting it’ll simply fall off.
maybe it’s because he mentions star trek, kenyans, and teen sex?
(notice how i subtly work these topics into my page hoping people will search for them and come here… heh heh heh).
i sometimes thing i should promote this blog more…
well.. 50+ people for like a week of blogging isn’t too bad i suppose.

today’s homework for you: get a friend interested in reading my blog

erm… yeah…
so i managed to get to the end of another code yesterday (six and a half hours of gameplay, excluding the times i looked around and then turned off without saving.) but i didn’t manage to complete everything… and apparently there are a few small changes second time around, so i’m going to play it again and take things slower, looking for all the clues and things.
damn it was fun :)

on the star wars front though:
i originally ordered “star wars ep III: revenge of the sith” for my nintendo ds but take2.co.za ran out of stock before completing my order, so i got another code instead (it was a toss-up as to which to get in the first place anyway).
i waited patiently for them to get more stock and finally they have… from another supplier who is charging R80 more than the old supplier who ain’t supplying no more :(
pants! pantspantspantspants!
but i want it *tantrum*
and since i haven’t seen it in stores i guess i’ll just be shelling out the clams.
oh well…
maybe if you all click on my google ads you could support my gaming habit *nudge nudge* *wink wink* :)

well that’s me signing off.


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