zenstar vs rockstar, or gta and back again (really fast)

firstly, go read this penny-arcade… its funny :)
secondly, go read this vgcats… its also funny :)

ok… so monday afternoon i leave uct and wander off down to my car thinking i’d go off to pick up my game from www.take2.co.za
as i arrive at my car it began to rain (it was clear when i left varsity) but not taking the hint i decided to continue anyway, so i hop in the car and head on out.
of course, because it’s raining people are driving like complete ass-bandits and it takes me a loooong while to get to koeberg road (where i need to be). while slowly dragging down keoberg road i see some dude on a bmx that’s way too small for him slowly trawling along, jus’ chillin’…
“looks kinda like a scene from gta:san andreas” i think to myself.
still not taking the hint (at least it’d kind stop raining now.. just drizzling) i continued on…
now, to get to the business park where take2 is situated i needed to be going the other way down koeberg road as you can’t cross the island to get to the entrance of the business park from the side i was on (you can for the park before and after, just not the one i needed)…
this leaves 2 options. take the turning before take2 (at the formula1) and go around the block, or take the turning after (at trade center) and turn around there and come back.
i opt for option 1 and turn right after the formula1 hotel. driving down a little i see a road to the left and think “hmmm… that road looks very skinny… probably a back entrance to an industrial park or something… i’ll take the next left.” and continue on to the next road which looked appropriate.
i turned left and 50 meters down that road i discover i’m not in cape town anymore (toto).
suddenly i’m cruising down the back roads of the slum areas in grand theft auto: san andreas. the roads are too thin for more than one car to fit down, they wind around with no apparent reasoning behind their layout, the houses beside the road are all tiny and blockish and cracking, and badly painted, and general signs of slum abound. somehow there was less daylight in this place, as if the day night cycle goes: nighttime, morning, dusk, nighttime.
my brain finally kicked into gear as i passed an abandoned looking dog sitting on the side of the road and i began to look for an escape route. i passed two dogy looking dudes standing on a corner who broke their conversation long enough to menicingly watch me pass. then i round a corner (thinking that it’s heading towards a way out) and discover a dead end. quickly spying out a spot to turn around i approached what could be called a garden (actually it was more like a low, wide, untarred pavement that had some grass trying to survive around a sad looking tree). there was a dirt driveway (well… the grass didn’t grow on a section of “garden”) which i pulled into and as i slipped the car into reverse i’m waiting for some big, black dude with a white string vest on and a purple bandana on his head to come running out of the front door brandishing a 9mm. i’ve played gta. i know what happens in places like this.
dude’ll come rushing out, drag me out the car, beat the hell out of me and steal my money. then i get to lie there waiting for an ambulance to come while hoping the dude doesn’t hang around and kill the medics because he wants the ambulance to do ambulance missions in it. and if i end up waiting too long i’ll dissolve into a chalk outline.
luckily there was no dude and i managed to backtrack out of there using important landmarks such as: two dudes menacingly watching me pass them (check), abandoned looking dog (check), empty playground full of trash (check), and a house that looks more like a temporary outhouse than a building (check).
i drive outta there and back onto koeberg, deciding that maybe it’ll be better to turn at trade center and find somewhere to turn around there.
eventually i got the game and got home.

tuesday was spent (mostly) playing the game.
another code : two memories
wow… this game is cool :)
you play ashley, a girl who’s been brought up by her aunt since she was 3 believing her parents to be dead. but on the day before her 13th birthday she gets a package and a note. the package is a DAS (looks like a nintendo ds :) and the note is from her dad saying he really wants to meet her and spend her 14th birthday with her. you go off to meet him on blood edward island (as the locals call it).
it’s basically a point and click (well… point and tap) adventure. all controls and puzzles are done through the touch-screen (you can use the buttons if you want… but why you’d want to when you can just tap the screen…) and the story is quite engaging. the characters are nicely represented and animated, and the game has that “can’t put down” factor.
my only fear is that i may be close to finishing it already (i hope not) but as i’ve already put 6+ hours of play into it i suppose that’s not too bad.
the puzzles are ingenious and the ds is put through some interesting uses to solve some of them (i can’t say what as it’d give some of the puzzles away).
another thing i like is that your character doesn’t do the usual “pick up everything and try the entire inventory on a problem.”
in fact quite often you only pick up stuff if you have a use for it, and ever now and then you need to got back and fetch an item that you’ve found a use for. luckily the level designs are nicely laid out and you don’t spend hours wasting time walking from point a to point b and back.
i really want to get back to playing it and i hope that they do a sequel or another similar style adventure.

that was pretty much my public holiday (poor moonflake had to work).
i saw james on monday night and we watched some aussie film called garage days. what a weird film… it was pretty good though.
after the film we stayed up well into the early hours talking warhammer 40k tactics and army design and by the end of it we’d hashed up what i believe to be a pretty good ork army and the tactics it’d use for dealing with most opponents. james needs to go check on the points and set out exact numbers, but it looked about right.

anyway, need to be doing a little varsity stuff now so i’ll sign off…
hopefully schpat is feeling more solid today… it was the campai i tell you!


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