post dragonfire unwind

well dragonfire is over.
it was a fun weekend in all.
(a little busy what with having to deal with dogsitting and what-not)
now i’m quite tired.
was up super-early (for me at least) to drop the dog off at the gunshop and then hop over to varsity (find parking, walk up).
fortunately everyone seems to have taken monday off work so there was no traffic. i got to varsity with loads of time to spare.
got to start prototyping my projects today (need to demo the proto on friday).
as for the modules at dragonfire:
module 1: poor schpat. he got to play the dad while 4 other members of thurteem got to play little kids (ages 9 – 10). a decent module, lacking a little in direction, and i get a little annoyed with “all kid” modules. i identify better with characters that have the ability to do the things i’d like to do / think would be cool in a comic or movie, but the problem with playing a kid is that you just wouldn’t do certain things / can’t do certain things / have to ignore things that you can see but a kid wouldn’t connect.
example: we got into a fight on a rollercoaster with some twisted clown-things. schpat had to do all the fighting himself because kids would (and we did) start crying and whining and being useless in such a situation. i had my character disengage the safety rail to loosen the clown-things (after yelling appropriate warnings) to help schpat out as he was slowly getting slaughtered. but that was so completely out of character! i hate when you have to do stuff like that.
module 2: some more carnival craziness. pretty good module this one. i was a little bored when we ended up wandering around the carnival (splitting the party like crazy. good thing it wasn’t cthuhlu) and my character was like: hmm… nothing seems out of the ordinary, no-one is spilling any beans when i talk to them, i’m not particularly interested in playing any carnie games. what seemed like a long while (maybe 1/2 an hour) later, we left the carnival and things started rolling. i think we had a decent ending. we didn’t really uncover the plot completely, but we connected the main points and got away safely (after running down many, many, many things with an suv). highlight of the closing scenes for my character: making an awsome, precision shot from the passenger side of an suv which was reversing away from a marching army of mecha-clowns. (+10 for aiming = skill of 50. precision shot = roll over 30. net result = roll d100 and get between 30 & 50. a 39 did just fine).
module 3: (day 2 now) this was the module i most enjoyed. set in sin city, i got to play a playboy gangster with ambitions above his station (jacob). impulsive and reckless (and a little too happy with fish-hook abuse) i had fun fleshing out the character a little (with fish-hooks that he used to de-flesh the npcs). an interesting opening sequence, an intruiging plot of revenge, and a well laid out plan coming together in true a-team style (except for the being nice, and our van was white with a catering logo on the side) led to what i thought was the highlight of the weekend. as usual with thurteem many jokes were bandied about (meaning cardboard box to hide in: “you need a big box to fit him in” *points at 6’2″ black gangster boyfriend*…. riotous laughter ensues).
module 4: i didn’t play in this one since i was testplay dm, but everyone who played in it seemed to enjoy themselves and there were many compliments handed to moonflake (who wrote it with al). well what’s not to enjoy? nazi zombies and scottich hijinx abound!

thurteem managed to win a grand total of nothing this year (i was sure we had the sin city one in the bag) but we all had fun and will be come back as the underdog next year. some blame the lack of a certain member of thurteem as a moral impact resulting in less that gold performance.
said missing member (who claimed he would visit dragonfire even though he wasn’t playing) didn’t show. unfortunate. *sigh, shrug* oh well.

a quick link of interest: for some old school gaming stuffs.
also: i have made almost a dollar from google now :) thank you capitalism!
tomorrow is a public holiday :) yay… no varsity for me!
well… i’m off to do a little coding (my project partner hasn’t arrived so i guess i’ll just kick off with a little something and he can do documentation later *shrugs*)
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pps: thank you schpatdope for answering tricky questions, comprimising your “deep cover” as a little girly on the teen sex chatrooms (btw: you know you can drop the mitsy persona now that you’ve answered the question right… right?)

late addition:
a little more evil every post >;)
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