long empty day

my nintendo ds game has arrived for collection
another code : two memories
its a graphical point and click adventure (from what i’ve read)
i don’t know too much about it other than it’s good
i didn’t want to spoil it for myself so i haven’t read up much
i’ll probably get it on monday
now if only take2 would get starwars ep III: revenge of the sith back in stock for the nintendo DS…
i know, i know… simple things amuse simple minds, but in retrospect: fuck you!

what a tedious day today is.
this is my longest varsity day of the week.
2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
which means i finish at about 4
luckily dragonfire starts tomorrow which is something to look forward to (at least it better be *waves fist*)
before i start today’s mini-rant let me just say i hope i see you at dragonfire.
there’s really not much else happening.

on to today’s rant:
must agree wich the schpat about a mutual (possibly ex?) friend.
he sent a rather snubby sms to another friend of ours in response to a “hi. i’m here for dragonfire. maybe i’ll see you there.” sms.
now i see this as being 1 of 3 options:
1) he has saved the wrong name with the number and thought the sms was from someone else (highly unlikely)
2) he’s become a real prick and is getting rid of all his old friends (highly unlike him)
3) his girlfriend got the message, responded, and deleted without his knowledge
now, based on all the evidence we have (and by we i don’t neccesarily mean you, the reader, and i. i mean myself and my friends, which may include you…) only option 3 is really believable. he’s received smses from this person before and responded appropriately so its unlikely the name is saved wrong.
he may be bitchy but he’s not a prick (well… not the guy we know) and it’s ulikely he’d be so terse… however it is possible. if this is the case then i hope he has a whole new group of friends because his actions are making enemies out of his old friends.
finally option 3. well… in company she’s a quite, polite girl… however (based on lots of observation and direct word-of-mouth from our friend before he started cutting us off) she seems to have a massive control streak and it seems highly likely that she does not like his old group of friends (with the possible exception of synk) or his old activities (roleplaying and having fun with his friends).
now i believe she has him by the short and curlies (and not in a good way) and has told him to “grow up” thus causing him to cut his hair, drop out of his regular roleplaying game, and not communicate with any of us at all… doesn’t answer the phone when we call, doesn’t respond to any emails, doesn’t sms back when we sms (except for the last message which has caused quite a stir).
schpat managed to get through to him not long ago (phoned him during work hours from his work phone that comes up as *private number*) and after a kinda stilted conversation, our friend told him that he’d be at dragonfire (but wouldn’t be playing in any of the games)…
i guess we can only wait and see…
a message to our friend in case he actually reads this (he knows who he is i’m sure… half-orc called “tunk”): dude! respond to us. what’s going on? take 5 minutes off work and just send us an email or sms or something. and if you really don’t want to hear from us again then take 5 minutes off work to tell us to fuck off. common courtesy dude. some of us have know you for a while. we deserve to be told to “fuck off” at least. i guess you just gotta do what makes you happy.


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