addled elderly person corrupts kid

i get a call this morning (while trying to decide whether or not i should get out of bed) and its my dad.
“what did you do to the jammie?” he asks
“whu?” i reply
turns out that one of the jamie shuttle buses hit a rock on dewaal (sp?) drive and overturned (there was a picture in the newspaper)… rolled onto its back apparently.
i finish the call, get out of bed, and head off to varsity via the jammie shuttle (with trepidation).
funny thing is they used to load people onto the bus until all seat were full, then load people on until the aisle was full, then tell them to move to one side and fill the aisle again.
now today they had a few people standing but nowhere near the sardined-tin proportions that they normally have, and the bus i was on had some new device attached to the window that turned it into and emergency exit.
hmmm… i wonder how much negligence was involved in the bus rolling over?
(shcpatdope that if you wanna ;)

on older news (with recent addition that you’re about to discover):
grand theft auto is taking more flak.
some 85 year old granny bought grand theft auto: san andreas for her grandson “without knowing it contained hidden, sexually explicit scenes…”
now she’s turned around and is sueing rockstar games / take two interactive for false advertising and the like (probably for billions of cash)
the stupid things are these:
1) she based her purchase on the mature lable the game had.
obviously she didn’t read what the mature lable meant or read the back of the box as will become apparent.
2) she finds that the hidden sexual content is unacceptable for her grandchild and never would have bought him an adults only game.
in spite of the fact that mature means 17+ and adults only means 18+… a whole years difference. and sex is unnacceptable but all the violence, gansterism, crime, and prostitution is fine right granny?
3) her grandson is FOURTEEN !!!!
what the fuck were you thinking granny? he shouldn’t have been playing the game whether it has or doesn’t have sexual content. he’s a little kid who shouldn’t be allowed games that involve the sorts of themes gta does. mature does not mean “can tie own shoe-laces” nor does it mean “whined until i bought it for him” nor “he’s my sweetheart and its just a video game… they’re for kids right?”

what the hell? and this is being taken seriously by the courts. take two interactive and rockstar are scrambling to apologise and the federal trade commision are going to investigate them.
all because some senile old bint doesn’t read lables and has exactly zero responsibile genes in her body.
she should be charged with corruption of a minor!
i mean seriously. granny doesn’t care about the reality that games are not just for kids (just like videos) and she just bought him whatever he told her to without paying attention to what she was giving him and is now upset because she probably caught him whacking off over a dirty magazine and he said: “grand theft auto made me do it *sob*!”
i mean what the fuck is next?
buy the kid a hardcore, gay, bondage, snuff, beastiality porno and when you find him frothing at the mouth, naked, holding a whip, eyeing out the chicken you were about to roast for sunday lunch, complain about how you thought “kernel shafters unlucky fried chicken” was a kids film and completely ignore the fact that there’s a giant dick on the cover!
some old people do not deserve to leave the old age home!

on the bright side of life: i made 60 american cents through my google ads yesterday. at this rate i’ll get a cheque from google for fifty dollarez in about 100 days (including delivery).
plus i decided to rank the evilness of my site ala moonflake
i will post the results sometime later.

well.. back to the grindstone… more project stuff to do for comsci.
hasta la vista


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