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wow… 5 hits.
since about 3 of those were me checking that the blog went up and that the settings took i’m guessing schpat and moonflake read the blog.

anyone played metal gear solid 2 ? the vgcats comic today is rather funny :)
there’s also a funny link about the “hot coffee” patch for GTA: San Andreas
for those not in the know: the hot coffee patch unlocks some “sex scenes” in the game. you take your girl home and she says: “you wanna come in for some coffee?”
normal game: you go inside and some voice over “sex talk” plays while you stare at the outside of the house
hot coffee patch: you go inside and start the sex mini-game where your girl has her texture replaced with something approximating skin and you get to wiggle the joystick back and forth “in rythm” as it were.
and there is no coffee involved anywhere! what if you were craving a hot cup of java after a hard day of carjacking and gangsterism!

on another note:
i saw a funny clip in my lecture today (new lecturer – yay! the old one sucked in my opinion) it went something like this:
setting: some guy (SG) at a computer, next to hime is a giant paperclip (GP) with eyes.
GP: “You look like you’re writing a letter.”
SG: “F*(! off.” (calmly)
GP: “You look like you’re writing a letter.”
SG: “F*(! off.” (annoyed)
GP: “You look like you’re writing a letter.”
SG: “F*(! OFF!” (angry)
GP: “You look like you’re URK!”
SG jumps up, grabs the paperclip and starts strangling/wrestling/bending it to all hell.
it’s so true.

well… that’s about it for now
catch the next episode where we’ll have flying weasles (or not)


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