A new blog is born

ah… its been a while since i’ve done the whole blog thing.
some complete bast has nicked zenstar.blogspot and has made exactly 1 (one) lame three-line post in february. since he’s obviously a fake i’ve taken therealzenstar.blogspot.com (but you already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this)

well not too much has been happening on the “interesting” front. Schpat had a humourous link to a story about “vinegar boy” – a 9 page story about a store clerk that sold a kid 1 litre of malt vinegar. the kid went home and drank half of it before promptly redecorating the livingroom walls (weak constitution obviously…) needless to say his mother was less than pleased and proceeded to take it out on the store clerk. there is much in the way of hijinks and hilarity invoved… go over to schpat’s page and find the link. it’s a hoser.

in other news: dragonfire is just around the corner. we should be seeing shelagh for the occasion which will be fun. hopefully schpat got the shirts done in time.

i’m still awaiting the arrival of “Another code: two memories” from take2.co.za for the nintendo ds… and as soon as they get stock of “star wars ep III: revenge of the sith” i’ll probably grab that too.

well… i have GUIs to create and UML diagrams to define and produce and kult games to think about for tomorrow night so i’ll end this blog right here -> X


One Response to A new blog is born

  1. schpat says:

    Welcome to the club, we got fun and games!

    You’ve been linked.–>

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